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10 Reasons Why Andy Dwyer is Your Spirit Animal

We get it, life is hard. College is harder. This election is the hardest and short of a Leslie Knope 2016 Presidential campaign, we’re left with the next best thing: Andy Dwyer. He’s just like us and here is why:

1. In just one sentence he summed up your exact feelings about college. 

2. Questioning whether you have to actually get ready when going somewhere.

3. He hates running just as much as you. 

4. He’s creative in his ramen cuisine endeavors. 

5. He’s confident in himself.

6. Because let’s face it, butter is also your favorite food. 


7. He knows what’s important in life. 

8. His honesty is unparralled. 


9. His alllergies are similar to yours.


10. You secretly want a badass alter ego like Burt Macklen. 

Good luck collegiettes, but don’t worry because Johnny Karate has your back. 

Kaylee Ann Mortensen is a student at the University of Utah studying International Studies and English. In her free time she can be found reading, trying to master the language of french, looking up pictures of grizzly bears, and eating french fries.  
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