10 Reasons We're So Excited To Be Back At The U

10 Best Things About Going To The U:


After months of sunshine, hiking, and trying to get rid of flip-flop tan lines, it’s time, once again, to break out the bright red U shirts. It’s time for the MUSS to be named one of the best student sections again. It’s time to (basically) trek up the mountains that the U sits on.  It’s time to put away our bikinis and dust off the notebooks we only half used last year. As much as we’ll miss the summer, we’re pretty much beaming to start this year and here are the 10 reasons why:



Let’s be real, it might be more fun to be in the MUSS than to actually be playing the game.



2. Osh

It’s a love-hate relationship, but we’ll admit that we've missed the strange rattling sound coming from that ancient building...but the second we hear it, we won't miss it...


3. Go Utes, Go Greek!

Sorority and Fraternity recruitment is right around the corner and that means NEW SISTERS! Basically, a summer away from your sisters felt like an eternity and you’re so relieved that the separation period is over.



4. Crimson Nights

You’ll say you’ll “think about going” but you know you can’t wait for the awkward mosh pit and free stuff from the tables…speaking of free stuff…


5. …Plazafest

The first week of school is dedicated to cleaning out your backpack and making room for as much free candy and fliers that you can get your hands on, plus I hear the Her Campus table has sour patch straws.

6. Red Fest

Whoever the artist is, we’re excited. How many schools get to have a semi-relevant musician come and play at the Union?


7. Club Lib Going Up On A Tuesday…and everyday.

Dear freshman, if you think you’re going to study on the third floor and focus, you’re sorely mistaken. That floor is for catching up with friends and staring at your open Facebook page while complaining about how much homework you have. It’s the place to be. 


8. The Pie.

How many late night pizza runs you can do in a semester is fully dependent on how many night in the semester.


9. The New Student Life Center

While it might be a year old, we’re still super stoked for it! The amount of equipment and classes they offer is MASSIVE and we can guarantee you didn’t make it to yoga and spinning last semester.


We are so excited for such a fun year as writers and Campus Correspondents at the U! As a Platinum chapter we know that there will be so many more chances to write and get involved on campus. For more information or to apply, email [email protected] or [email protected]

Here is to a great year Collegiette’s!