10 Must-Haves For Your New Apartment


Living in the dorms takes a lot of stuff that you don’t need in a normal apartment (mini fridge, twin bed sheets, a set of only three forks, etc) but once you have your own apartment, there are a trillion things that you just have to have, and these ten are a good start to making your apartment the best first apartment ever.

1. Scoops of Flower Measuring Cups $29.99

These measuring cups are not only useful (for ya know, measuring.) but they also are 100% adorable. They can be found Here.


2. Dramatic Paws Wall Hook $29.99

Especially if you have roommates, this adorable key hook not only helps you stay organized, it’s a cat so like what could be better?!


3. Hedgehog Salt and Pepper Shakers $2.99 each

The most extra thing ever is having animal shaped salt and pepper shakers, so of course, you have to, right? These are only $2.99 here!


4. Dino for a Fact Night Light $14.99

You may be moving into your first apartment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a night light. This cute little guy comes in pink t-rex or in blue diplodocus.


5. Wash-and-Ware Dish Rack $24.99

Even if your apartment does have a dishwasher, one of these guys is so useful it’s not even funny. Get this adorable mint dish rack here.


6. Moon Fringe Wall Hanging $29

I have a love-hate relationship with Urban Outfitters, just because half their stuff is way too expensive and the other half I could just make myself. This is definitely one of those “I could make this at home but at the same time it would be hard enough that it isn’t really worth the required effort” so you can buy this here, or you can follow this semi-similar DIY.


7. Metallic Bar Cocktail Shaker Set $39

Are you really an adult if you don’t have a cocktail shaker? I don’t think I have ever actually made a cocktail, but I would if I had this adorable set!


8. Hanging Rectangle Mirror Jewelry Storage $29

Normally $39, this mirror and Jewelry holder combo is perfect, especially if you have to share a bathroom and need a makeup mirror in your room.


9. Hand Ashtray $12

This adorable little ashtray clearly doubles as a planter, so whether you smoke or not this ashtray is way too adorable not to get here.


10. Floral Kitchen Rug $26.99

This 30’ X 46” is a pretty good deal, and it adds a pop of color to wherever you are wanting to put it!

Moving can be stressful and we hope we made it a little easier!