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10 Flirting Tips to Make You Irresistible

One of the most important parts of the dating world is definitely flirting. It’s the root of it all when you think about it. It’s that first initial contact with someone that can either capture their attention or be a total flop. If we forget the importance of flirting, then it can lead to not getting asked out on dates which, can make you feel like you’re stuck. This is why we need some reminders on what it is to show that guy or gal that you are interested in with these few key tips that will make you irresistible!

1. Maintain Eye Contact For At Least 2 Seconds. This is one of the most important aspects of flirting. It shows confidence, gives you an edge, and practically screams “I’m interested in you!”

2. Give a Seductive Smile. This all comes down to practice. Don’t flash that cheesy grin at the wake of meeting your new-found interest, show your soft and sexy smile. Think Angelina Jolie:

3. Show Off Your Hair. Don’t worry about constantly grabbing and touching your hair (as this can look a little obsessive) but running your fingers lightly through your hair and a subtle hair flip will have them going crazy.

4. Playfully Tease Them. Don’t be scared to poke their buttons a little. Making fun of them in a friendly manner will give the impression that you are someone they can let loose with. Plus, it adds to your flirtatious tension that you’re going for.

5. Touch. Touch. Touch. Forearms, knees, hands, etc. A light brush of your fingertips will drive that cutie crazy.

6. Confidence is Key. This alone can carry you far in the flirting game. If you have the confidence in you to walk into a room and own it, eyes will be drawn to you automatically. And even if you don’t, fake it until you make it. People will be drawn to you.

7. Send Cute and Flirty Texts. Once you’ve scored that hottie’s number, send a text that lets them know you’re thinking about them. “I’m totally drained from studying for my final…save me? (;” It opens you two up to a ‘study date’ or even a possible flirty banter. Either way, your name on their lock screen won’t hurt.

8. Let Social Media Give You That ‘Extra’ Push. A like here, a retweet there, you’re bound to catch their attention with your flawless profile picture staring at them in their notifications. They’ll just have to think about you.

9. Listen to Them. Give them room to talk and hear them out. You then engage in conversation with them. Everyone likes to talk about themselves. So, what better way than showing you’re interested in what they are saying? They will be validated and flattered.

10. Talk You Up! You’re quite that catch too. Remember that. When you’re alone in your room, stare in the mirror and flirt with yourself! That way when you’re in person and in the middle of the dating game you become irresistible to those around you. People are attracted to confident people. End of Story. (See Number 6.)


Those are just a few of the ways a person could flirt; to say there are only 10 would be ridiculous and a little disappointing. So, it all comes down to practice. The more you get out there and talk to people you don’t know, the more you will become skilled when looking for potential partners. You know the saying is true, practice makes perfect. Next time you find yourself making eyes at the sweet grocery store clerk, or see that hottie next to you at the gas pump, start up a conversation and use these few tips that no one can resist!

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