Gym Class Profile- Haley Haren

For those of you don’t know, Haley instructs Vinyasa Flow here at UT’s new Fitness and Recreational Center:

“A popular style of yoga in which one brings balance and awareness to the breath, mind, and body. The flowing structure of this class helps to lower stress, build strength and increase flexibility. This class is a wonderful and challenging way to work out and reset your mind and body for the day.”


Apart from teaching yoga classes, Haley is a student (and RA) at UT. If you want to know more about her, keep reading till the end of the article.



Emely: When did you get into yoga?

Haley: During my first year of college. I was getting over a crappy breakup and needed an outlet. I had this pink yoga mat with a matching pair of yoga pants that I thought I could put to use.


Emely: Where/when did you train?

            Haley: Here on campus. I would attend yoga classes taught by Erica. But I would say I’m more self-taught. I learned to teach at Yoga Fit, and then trained at a summer camp in Georgia, where I worked with army veterans who suffer from PTSD.


Emely: What kind of yoga you like the best?

            Haley: Vinyasa. Anything that’s sexy, deep and has power. I find hot yoga fun but I also enjoy Yin yoga, which is super still.


Emely: How do you view extreme yoga (the ones with inversions or headstands)? Is it more helpful than the slower yoga with meditation?

            Haley: It’s something that’s popular on Instagram. It’s just as helpful. With meditation, it is slower but it has a lot more body awareness to it.


Emely: In the last class you had brought in these “crystals” and you spoke about them while we breathed. A couple of my friends found it interesting and effective. They wanted to know: When did you first hear about them, and when did you start bringing the energy cleansing rocks to class?

            Haley: This year. I was having nightmares and someone had suggested it to me, so I started to use the crystals to sleep. I really like how they hold a power of nature, and it’s something you can put hope/trust in. Sometimes I’ll put them down in front of me as something to just look at and relax.


Emely: Speaking is an important part of the job, and I’d say you’re very good at it. Did you train for this? Do you prepare speeches?

            Haley: I try to use plural nouns when speaking so that everything comes across as invitation. I also like to keep things simple and informative.


I then asked her about the jokes she tends to crack during class (which is one of the reasons why I found her so appealing), she laughed and then told us they’re not planned, it’s something that comes from her feeding off the energy.


Emely: Something you wish people who've never tried yoga would know?

            Haley: Most of the time with yoga classes, they revolve around the teacher, but I want to make it clear that it’s NOT THE HALEY SHOW! People should know that when you take the time to come to yoga you are doing it for yourself.


This is why she tries to make the class fun and comfortable, so that people feel good about themselves. “Don’t be scared! Try it!”


Also, look at how excited she gets to see a returning student:




Go check out one of her classes: Sundays at 8PM, Mondays and Wednesdays at 10AM.



Here’s a link to her website to find more about her or you can read our ‘Campus Cutie’ profile on her (updated version coming soon).