Should It Stay Or Should It Go? 90s Fashion

It’s obvious that people’s obsession with “90’s kids” memorabilia has finally translated back into some classic 90’s fashion trends. Is this a good thing? Or should these trends have stayed back in the past along with the cringey childhood photos to commemorate that era? Well look no further! I have compiled a list of 90’s pieces that I’ve seen reemerge into today’s fashion and give you my honest opinion on whether or not these nostalgic fashion pieces should be just another passing trend. 

Chokers: The classic choker has made a reappearance and I love it, but under one condition: the choker is a thinner style and doesn’t get to the point where it just looks like a dog collar. The simplicity of a choker can give a nice touch to off the shoulder outfits where regular necklaces just don’t do the look justice. Especially with the modern take on the 90’s black plastic choker, it adds a touch of vintage style to any look



Platform Sandals: Let me just start by saying, as someone who once rocked the platform flip-flop back in the day, this trend does not need to make a comeback. When your shoe resembles a block strapped to your foot, we have a problem. It has been a popular trend in couture fashion shows during the most recent fashion weeks, but hopefully it does not come back as an everyday staple.

Mom Jeans: Ah, the mom jean. I love it and wish I could pull it off as well as some people. For those who can pull off the look flawlessly, go for it! This slouchy jean is can be brought into 2017 by pairing with a pair of pointed pumps and a tucked in top, or it can be styled with a slouchy sweater and sneakers for a casual everyday look. It is definitely a classic item to keep in your wardrobe.

Velvet Anything: Why this fabric was used on everything in the 90’s is beyond me. Some people dig the Velvet/velour look but for me personally, I am not a fan of these type of fabrics. It has been showing up everywhere from shirts to dresses to even skirts and pants. This is definitely one of the trends that should stay in the past and not make another debut in this decade. 

Overalls: The only thing I can say about overalls is that I love them and I’m so glad they are back in style. Who doesn’t love the all-in-one outfit where any top you put underneath looks adorable? Whether it be overall shorts, pants, dresses, you name it. All styles and types are great for any occasion. 

Not all of you will agree with me on some of these which means you may have had a more pleasant experience with some of these items when they first came out. Either way, the 90’s are back and I am here for the nostalgic feel of everything. Go enjoy some 90’s TV shows in your overalls and chokers and live your best 90’s life.