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The World

The World is a place of tragedy, loss, and pain

that breeds hope, creativity, and bravery.

To stand tall and to create your own path in this age of conforming

is not only a threat to society but an act of sheer personal will.


The World is a place of corruption, greed, and lies

that breeds persistence, honesty, and compassion.

To live in this world and have a voice is an act of violence

that makes a paper man crumble.


The World is a place of hate, war, and anger

that breeds love, peace, and patience.

To stand next to your neighbor and to accept them fully

is an act of kindness like no other.


The World is a place of hunger, misfortune, and poverty

that breeds lavishness, celebrations, and luck.

To celebrate the family and friends that make your life better

is a privilege that not everyone has.


The World is a place of both light and darkness

that breeds children of love and anger.




Author’s Note: This poem has been inspired by the recent events in not only this country but the world. We as a collective are watching a wave of change forming, that has been breed by these events. Voices are being heard louder than ever; the youth is shaping not only our future but our present. Right now is the time for action and right now is the time for change. Hopefully this poem can offer something to this movement, or maybe spark something in others.


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