Winter Must Haves!!

In the blink of an eye the seasons have changed, and with this change comes new trends. This year we've kept you up to date with the latest and greatest, always keeping you guys in the loop when the hottest trends popped up. Now that winter time is approaching and the temperature is dropping we plan to continue. So check out these must have items!


1.Turban Headbands

Now that it's getting colder, you want to make sure that you are as warm as possible. But there is no rule that says you can't be both warm and fashionable. The turban headband is so IN right now. Slip one of these on your head and walk out the door, and it will seem as if you put so much more effort in the way you looked than you actually did. (Also can be used to prevent bad hair days!)


2. Matte Red Lips

On a scale of one to Kylie matte are you? Kylie has become one of our lip inspirations. I mean the magic that happens with some lip liner and a tube of lipstick. This season it's all about the matte red lips. Whatever you're going for a bright cherry red, or a deep vampy red, the bold lips are a sexy statement that makes any look classic. 



3. The Blanket Scarf

Scarves are life!!! They keep you warm and spice up any outfit. Blanket scarves are bigger and better, leaving you with many ways to style them.



4. The Faux Vest!

Faux is a must this season. We're seeing it all over runways and in magazines, and now you can bring this hot trend to your closet! Add this gorgeous piece to any outfit, for an extra layer of coziness and fierceness. We are being FAUXreal! (Let's pretend you're laughing).

And last but not least...


5. The Ear Cuff

This trend is popping up all over the social media feed on all of the hottest celebs. No need to actually get an ear piercing with this cute piece of jewelry. The cuff allows for easy put on and pull off access, and creates for a very edgy accessory (especially for all my fellow anti-needle girls out there!)



I hope this article has given you inspiration for this season.

And remember to stay fabulous!!