Why The World Needs Sophia Bush

The world is a crazy place right now. With the reaction to newly elected President Trump, the protest marches that are happening all over the world, and most recently-the Muslim ban, we all are on edge.

Another issue that has been recently added  to that list are celebrities voicing their political and social opinions on what is happening in the world.  

I get it, you don’t want your favorite actor that you look forward to watching every Tuesday night to be on the complete opposite wavelength of you in every respect.

But why is it, once a person has a verified check on twitter they lose all rights to being human?

We all saw the backlash Meryl Streep received when she spoke out in support of journalists and the importance of free speech during her Golden Globes acceptance speech. Viewers began dismantling her career and telling her and the rest of hollywood that they have no right to use their platform for politics.

One of my favorite actresses, Sophia Bush, uses her social media platform for speaking out about important issues, something EVERY person has a right to do, regardless of their profession.

Not only does she lend her voice to important topics, she is also an advocate and activist. She works tirelessly alongside organizations like Fuck Cancer, Invisible Children, Global Green Gulf Relief, DoSomething.org, Pencils of Promise, Global Poverty Project, and I Am That Girl to let people know that they are enough and they matter, despite what they look like.

Here's a list of reasons the world doesn’t deserve but so desperately needs Sophia Bush.

  1. She cares deeply about women’s rights-

Leading up to the women’s march, Sophia advocated about how important it was for us to get involved in such an important movement.

Sophia also has instagram campaigns, like the images below, showcasing that girls don't have to dress a certain way or look a certain way to be feminine.  


2. She encouraged our generation to go out and vote-

It’s obvious that Sophia Bush does not rally behind Donald Trump, but regardless of her political affiliation, during the election, she informed fans the importance of making your voice known.  



Though clearly a Clinton supporter, it stills puts a fire under likeminded individuals, myself included.

3. She is an ally for LGBT-

Sophia Bush is not the first celebrity to use her social media platform in support of the LGBT community. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham, and Lady Gaga are just a few of the names in Hollywood who have also been known to fight for gay rights.





4. She always posts motivational quotes #MondayMantra-

On Mondays’ Sophia dedicates a social media post to kick start your day and week in a positive way.



5. She is an advocate for education-

Sophia works alongside other incredible women, including former First Lady Michelle Obama, to help girls all over the world receive an education. With the pressures that girls face she lets them know that they are all beautiful and worthy. She worked with a campaign for girls to post selfies with the hashtag #MyTrueBeauty, and every post EcoTools would donate $1 to the Girl Project.


Sophia Bush first caught my interest by playing the self absorbed cheerleader that later evolves into a selfless business woman in one of my favorite shows, One Tree Hill. She currently stars in the show Chicago P.D. where she continues to embody a badass female. Seeing the kind of person she is off the screen, made me appreciate and respect her so much more.


Often times, most people expect public figures to do the same thing they teach young girls, sit there and look pretty.

Although some celebrities prefer to not contribute on social media about controversial issues, it is something that Sophia Bush does not think twice about letting her opinions become known.

Why not use your platform and voice to speak to an audience some of us will never be able to reach?. I thank her for her ability and willingness in doing so.

So, to the people that are trying everything in their power to discredit and silence some of your favorite actors, well, I’ll let Sophia take this one…


 Imani Craig  

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