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When You Don’t Really Have Spring Break Plans

The last little bit of freedom before summer: spring break. If you can’t afford to go to Cancún or Breckenridge this year, here are some awesome spring break activities you can do for free, or almost free.


1. Go out and enjoy nature (besides the beach).

While in school, a lot of our time is spent indoors in classrooms, in our dorms or apartments, and at our workplaces. Maybe you rarely think to go outside and just simply enjoy the St. Pete sunshine, the water, and the trees and flowers without any other task on hand. Take a picnic to a pretty little park you’ve never been to before, or get yourself a hammock! (I’m actually writing this article from my hammock.)


2. Watch a documentary on a topic you’re curious about.

I’m a docuphile myself, so I can personally attest to the fact that Netflix has always had a really great selection of high-quality documentaries and documentary series. There are documentaries about anything and everything out there. You’re guaranteed to find something you like and learn something new. Some of my all-time favorites are Making a Murderer, 13th, The Hunting Ground, Amanda Knox, Matt Shepard Is a Friend of MineFlint TownWelcome to LeithBlackfish, Jesus CampShenandoahThe Sixties, The Seventies, The Eighties, The Nineties, and Food, Inc. (Yes, I watch a lot of T.V.)


3. Reach out to family members or friends you don’t speak to often.

When you’re in the seemingly endless fog of classes and extracurricular activities during the semester, sometimes you might feel distanced from the loved ones who aren’t in your immediate network of people who you talk to every day. You could use a day during spring break to call or Skype/FaceTime an extended family member or long-distance friend who you don’t get a good chunk of time to talk to during your busy weeks.


4. Explore your spirituality.

Perhaps you don’t have any spiritual/religious beliefs, or even a desire to go out and venture for any, and that’s completely okay. After all, if there was one “correct” spiritual path, the concept of spirituality intrinsically wouldn’t exist because there would be one factual answer that no one would ever question. But if you want to explore, maybe a week without the distraction of earthly academia is a time to start. Recently, I started going to church again and reading spiritual books trying to re-center myself and strengthen my relationship with God and the universe. The world of spirituality and religion can easily be intimidating or confusing, so of course you’re welcome to take your exploration as slowly and carefully as you want.


5. Look up some recipes and get busy in the kitchen.

If you already like cooking and you have some experience, find a recipe that is slightly challenging so you can test your skills out. If you call yourself a bad cook because you only know how to make toast and pasta, you can do something about that! Look up easy, budget-friendly college recipes that you can reach for when you’re low on time and money. Cooking is fun when you know how to cook exciting dishes that you love to eat.


6. Pick up some extra shifts.

Probably the second least attractive idea on my list, but how awesome would it be to take financial advantage of this week? If you’re already working regularly, see if some coworkers are going out of town and scoop up their shifts for extra money.


7. Get a head start on some schoolwork.

Yes, the least attractive idea on this list, but it may be smart. If some of your classes present to you all the work due for the whole semester in the syllabus, you could get some of your future assignments done beforehand and make the last couple months before summer more bearable and relaxing for yourself. Work now so you can play later!


Have a great spring break! Stay safe, smart, and have fun.

– Annie


Annie is Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at USF St. Petersburg and a social media writer for USF St. Petersburg Marketing and Communications Department. She is majoring in Sociology and Criminology and minoring in Psychology and Leadership. "If we did all the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves." - Thomas Edison
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