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What’s Trending Now: Nail Polish


Trend Alert: nail polish. Now this may seem like a silly trend to be reporting on, because girls have been painting their nails for as long as I can remember, but hear me out. Lately all I see on Facebook and Instagram are photos of girls with painted nails. For summer I found that pastels were extremely popular and with the right color, you could easily accentuate your tan. Make sure you stick to colors that go with the season you are in! For spring you can start using pastels and glitter, whereas for the winter months you should stick to the darker colors that will go better with your winter wardrobe. While you can’t match your polish to every single outfit you wear, you can often find polishes that can be worn with a variety of different colors, or go with something that is a staple in your closet.


A brand that has been popping up on my radar all summer and fall has been Essie. Essie has such a wide variety of colors from pastels, nudes, neon’s, and glitter, and their polish lasts about seven days on your nails. I like to do two or three coats of the Essie polish with two clear topcoats to make sure it is thick enough that it won’t chip right away, and I am typically good for a week.


Painting your nails does take patience so be sure that you are ready to devote enough time to let them properly dry before you get started. I have tried sticking my nails in a bowl of ice water (not very pleasant!), as well as spraying them with hairspray once they have fully dried, but nothing seems to give me quick results for dry, hard, nail polish. If you have any tips or tricks on getting nail polish to dry quickly post them below, because I know I always find a list of things to do after I get polish on my nails!



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