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Vegetarianism: Expectation Vs Reality

There are a lot of things to be said about vegetarianism. One could discuss the nitty gritty politics of the meat industry, or blab about vegetarians’ inflated sense of superiority, but no matter what the case is, I feel as if  there is always an elephant in the room. After over three years of being a vegetarian, it is finally getting to me.


I often find myself feeling like a walking travesty when I tell others I don’t eat meat. The typical response I get from my omnivorous peers when I mention my dietary habit is generally one of respect. Many throw in a “Wow, that must be so hard!” or a “You must be so healthy!” So I am here to set the record straight once and for all. Vegetarians are just as disgusting as regular people.

We may appear to be healthier because we do not consume copious amounts McNuggets when we stop at a fast food chain but I can say with full clarity that I have consumed an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s: The Tonight Dough in the past 48 hours. The lack of meat in my diet has only furthered my motivation to stoop to eating Special K straight from the box as opposed to cooking a real meal. With that said, however, I do find that my consumption of fruit is a lot higher than my friends who eat meat. In fact, there have been days (typically during the summer when I don’t leave the house) where fruit has been my only sustenance. Nevertheless, the lack of transparency within the vegetarian community needs to be put to a stop. I will not rest until I can consume half a pack of oreos under a span of 25 minutes in peace without questioning if this is how a true vegetarian should act.  



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