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Uncovering the Depths of Antonio Permuy

He walks distinctly, scanning the room with a keen artistic eye. He can sit silently, but his mind is filled with calculative contemplations at every given moment. Strategy is personified with each step he takes, capturing the interest of those around him. He is charismatic; a natural born leader – Antonio Permuy.

Antonio Permuy, a political science major, had originally planned on attending a university in Washington D.C, but he decided it wasn’t the right time, so he applied to USFSP so he could be close to his family.

“I have spent all of my vacations in St. Pete since middle or high school, so it was already like a second home; a natural fit,” he said.

Being in such a creative community where the arts flourish in every direction, Antonio recently has taken an experimental endeavor in founding USFSP’s art club, The Collection.

“It’s a brand new ambitious art club; The Collection. It’s going to keep me busy,” he said.

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Clemson

As well as The Collection, Antonio keeps himself busy with the Marketing Club, an organization he became president of following the graduation of the former president and founder Thomas Skidmore.

“During my first semester at USFSP, I decided to get involved in Student Government as a deputy. Someone had reached out to me, and I managed two successful presidential campaigns as well as serving a term as a student senator. I decided to step away from SG to focus my energies on the Marketing Club,” he said.

When asked about his influences and inspirations, Antonio pondered intensely, scanning the floor and ceiling with his eyes in thought.

“Aside from my mother, which is a total cliche but true, I would say my biggest influences (politically) are the Clintons, especially Hillary. Politics has always been a part of my life and she was the first national figure that ever inspired me. I deeply identify with her personally and her message. I consider myself someone who is mostly centrist and very pragmatic. I deeply value experience and I like to think that I’m relatively strategic,” he said.

Photo Courtesy of Antonio Permuy

“My favorite historical political figures are Benjamin Franklin for his intelligence, creativity, and diplomacy, and my absolute favorite, Napoleon Bonaparte. For all his faults, he was such an innovative figure and the original comeback kid long before the Clintons. I’m such a huge fan of history in general, but he is my all-time favorite. I even named my cat after him,” he said, smiling.

It may come as a surprise to some to know that many of Mr. Permuy’s inspirations are not political; that, in fact, some of his favorite influences include the Beatles, David Bowie, Jackson Pollock, and Andy Warhol.

“They captured something about their times and their work had a certain energy and power to it that really draws me in. This also applies to literary role models such as the Beat Poets. But as Walt Whitman said, ‘I have multitudes,’ and I’m fascinated by the concept of contrasts – the meeting of opposing extremes. I have a lot of contrasts in me, and that reflects in my interests and inspirations, so Whitman’s romantic side appeals to a part of me that the Beat Poets don’t, but one of my absolute favorites is the more modern poet Shaun Shane,” he said.

Photo Courtesy of Antonio Permuy

At 20, Antonio has already been fortunate enough to have had many informative moments and experiences.

“It’s so fulfilling to be in a place right now where you can look back and thoughtfully reflect on it all and its meaning going forward. Above all, I’m grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had and for those in my life who have been instrumental along the journey. But most of all, I can’t wait to see where it leads,” he said.

In light of Antonio’s many enlightening experiences throughout his life, he shows no sign of shying away from his dreams.

When asked about what he plans to do in the future, he replied, “Everything.”

HC with care,

Megan Hammer

Megan Hammer is a junior at USFSP and is majoring in Global Business. She loves to travel, write, and listen to music. She is a musician herself, so she enjoys playing with other musicians in her spare time. An Illinois native, she is interested in experiencing different cultures and trying new things. Some places she has traveled to include Monaco, France, Germany, Italy, and England. Megan is constantly on the lookout for her next great adventure. She dreams of joining a volunteer service organization and giving time to communities in South America or Africa. As President & Campus Correspondent, she proudly represents the USFSP Her Campus chapter.
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