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The Ultimate App Guide for Expecting Mothers

Let’s get one thing straight, being a mom in 2019 is HARD. While I am not a mother yet (nor do I plan on having sweet little minis anytime soon), I do delve often into the world alongside friends and family members who recently had or have announced that they are expecting a little one. As rather tech savvy person who loves to utilize the “self help” sections of both the book and app store, I naturally wanted to compile a master list of must-have apps for my modern day mommy superheros! Enjoy!

  • Baby Story

This app is beneficial to mothers who want to remember mile markers of their baby’s development and growth throughout life. This app allows parents to edit the photos they’ve taken from their camera roll and put little badges wherever they deem fit. For instance, a mother of a three month old can place a “3 Months” badge in the corner of a picture of her smiling baby as well as adding the baby’s name, height and weight.

  • Prenatal Workout

Being fit is the goal of practically every women—now there’s an app for those who are expecting conception, pregnant, and postnatal mothers. This app offers a series of timed twenty-minute workouts that are not only geared for the stage of pregnancy an individual is in, but is also safe to complete.

  • What to Expect: Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

This app is super cute and geared to mothers (especially first time ones!). Each month the baby progresses in and post-utero, the mother receives an update on the baby’s size in comparison to foods like mangos or watermelons! In addition, the app provides an open forum as well as links to external resources that may be of help like “Baby Names” or “Your fist natal appointment”. There’s also medically accurate videos!

  • Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker

While this app is not exactly for pregnant women, it is ideal for those trying to conceive! This app helps soon-to-be mommies track the last day of their cycle and times fairly accurately when their ovulation cycle begins and ends helping them time out conception quite easily. The app is very aesthetic and goes as far as helping you monitor your sex life, water, and weight so you can stay healthy!

  • Pregnancy Music and Baby Lullaby

This app claims to help mothers soothe and spoil their baby in the womb while boosting baby’s IQ. While the claims may not necessarily be fool proof, it does provide mothers with the opportunity to create a custom continuous classical music playlist in HD. This app also may help mothers bond with her child and may come into use getting the baby to sleep after birth.


Let me know if these apps work for you— or maybe you have better ones!




Alexis is a current student at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and is studying Biomedical Sciences with the intention of becoming a pediatric neurologist. She is a firm believer in the healing powers of aromatherapy, fine arts, and a daily cup of coffee. The number one thing on her bucket list is to travel to every continent within her lifetime.
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