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Turning Dreams into Reality in Your Twenties’ Despite Internal and External Doubt

What do you believe are the constraints of your own ability? Do the inherent obstacles stop you from even thinking about what you could do with your life? Sometimes even the smallest aspirations can feel so unattainable but I am here to tell you that that small voice of anxiety is completely wrong. You are worthy of everything, even the most difficult goals, even the ones that seem to be the most impossible. I interviewed a small local business owner who happens to also be a female college student, somehow managing the chaos that comes with either endeavor flawlessly. After reading this article you will understand how a young twenty year-old is making her dreams come true and how to allow her self-confidence to be your own.  

For the rest two years of her college career, Olivia Miller attended the University of Alabama and was on the dance team, an active member in her college community. However, in Spring of 2020 when she was sent back home to Florida to continue her classes online due to the rapidly evolving pandemic, she realized her stay in Alabama could very well be over soon. Similar to many people in her situation, she decided to move back to her hometown and transfer to the University of South Florida to continue her studies. Olivia was met with hours of free time that she did not have while attending school in Alabama and decided to use her time productively. This unaccounted free time left plenty of space to her imagination, allowing ideas to take root within her mind, all rising her self-confidence which led to the opening of her online boutique, By the Beach.  

Inspiration for Olivia’s boutique, By the Beach, can be found from her hands on experience working with her father and her passion for fashion. Through her work at her father’s embroidery and screen-printing company Oliva was able to see examples of designs she wanted to incorporate in her store, such as from the southern-style small boutiques in Tuscaloosa. Despite the shortcomings of creating your own business, Olivia is finding the time to be a business owner, work full time with her father, and finish her fall semester as a full time student. 

Olivia’s story is one that should be used as an example to inspire college-aged girls around the world to just “go” for it. College and society can put an undue burden on us, taking over our goals and dreams, making them seem too difficult or big. In reality, our goals are only as far reached and scary as we make them out to be. Olivia’s story is the perfect example of not letting fear or intimidation define your life. She could have been swayed by doubts of those around her, neglecting to start her business and ignoring her goal of creating her own income. Instead, Olivia puts in the work, day in and day out, so that she can make her dreams come true and accomplish her goals. By the Beach, is Olivia’s own online boutique that she is building from the ground up, entirely by herself and that is something we should admire her for. 

 One thing I want everyone to take from this article is that however deep within you, you have the confidence and strength to go for your goals. I am here to remind you that we are capable of achieving all that we set our minds to, no matter the obstacles. Successful stories like Olivia’s should provide that extra encouragement and confidence to never let fear or intimidation stop you from the truly great achievements you are capable of. 


In other words: go for it, girl.  



Hi Everyone! My name is Trina Ralphand I am a Senior at USFSP, majoring in mass communications with a specialization in journalism and media studies. I am the President of Her Campus at USFSP. I wanted to write for Her Campus because I really enjoy creative writing and I am hoping to meet new friends that I can find things in common with! Also, I am looking to expand my portfolio, as graduation will be here before we know it! I think Her Campus is a safe space to be able to talk about different topics and ideas that will help empower other college women! I am so looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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