Top Places to Take Pictures at Walt Disney World's Toy Story Land

Calling all Disney fans! Toy Story Land is just another place to add on your bucket list. The colorful scenery makes you feel like you are a toy stepping into Andy’s backyard. Here are some of my top photo opportunities that you must take advantage of when visiting Toy Story Land.

1.Toy Story Land Entrance

When walking into Toy Story Land, you are greeted with a larger than life Woody! How cool is that? You can tell how excited I was to see Woody because my grin was almost as cheesy as his. There is a line to take pictures right in front so that no one can photobomb your picture perfect opportunity. This is a must picture to let everyone know where you’re spending the day on the gram.

2. Right in front of Slinky's Dog Dash

Take a look at my Buzz Lightyear bubble blower that you can find at any one of the kiosks in Toy Story Land. This prop is great for photos to add some fun bubbles. This photo spot is perfect because of all the fun elements that make the Slinky dog dash coaster. Bonus points if you can get slinky flying by in your photo!

3. Meeting Woody and Jessie

You can not go to Toy Story Land without meeting the characters! Woody and Jessie have a meet in greet near the Toy Story Mania ride. The line to meet the characters may seem daunting in the Florida sun, but trust me it goes by quick. Make sure you have someone ready to snap pictures of you hugging the stuffing out of the characters.

4. The Pixar Luxo ball

Giant Pixar Luxo ball? Yes please! My face was full of excitement when seeing the Luxo ball in such giant form. The primary colors in the ball make such a fun photo opportunity.


Hope you have fun visiting Toy Story Land. You can check out these photos on my instagram blog @Cassandra.blogs. Be sure to check out my next blog for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.