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Top Moments of the Oscars


If you didn’t get to see everything that went down at the Oscars, here’s what you missed.




I see London I see France, I see Neil’s under pants



Our favorite host stripped down to his tidy whitey’s and stepped on stage without batting an eyelash. I never thought that I’d see Neil Patrick Harris in his knickers lol … only at the Oscars.





Patricia Arquette Speaks Out



Arquette took the stage to accept her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and used that moment to address the issue of women’s rights. Her message hit home with a lot of women and brought them to their feet.






Everything is Awesome



Teagan and Sarah and The Lonely Island performed the popular song “Everything is Awesome” from “The Lego Movie” The performance was huge, intricate, fun, and all around awesome!





The Sound of Music



Lagy Gaga performed the   50th anniversary tribute to “The Sound of Music.”  The performance was beautiful and it really showcased her talent. Afterwards, Julie Andrews graced the stage to express her gratitude and present the award for Best Original Score.








Common and John Legend performed and made speeches that were extremely powerful, earning them  a tear filled standing ovation.



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