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Top Instagramable Places In Tampa Bay

If you’re anything like me, taking Insta-worthy pictures is low key the main event of the day. Especially if I am out on the town or at a social event. The struggle with this is that I have trouble finding really cool places and backgrounds to take my pictures at! Lucky, I have searched far and wide and I have found the top Instagramable places in the Tampa Bay area.


  1. Oxford Exchange

The Oxford Exchange is a library/ restaurant/wedding venue/ coffee shop all in one. Basically, it’s heaven. At the Oxford Exchange, almost everything is Instagramable. From the latte art to the grand staircase and of course the checkered floors. You are sure to snap the perfect picture here.

   2.) Pas-A-Grille Beach

This beach is super laid back and overall adorable. Take a cute picture at one of the ice cream shops or just laying on the sand. Pro Tip: Find the pink and blue lounge chairs in front of the coffee shop to add a pop of color to your photo!

   3.) Station House

The Station House used to be a Fire and Train station back in 1911 but now it is the networking center of Saint Petersburg. There are five floors at the Station House and each floor serves a different purpose. Included is a coffee and tea shop, restaurant, rentable meeting and business rooms, and a rooftop patio where yoga classes take place on the weekends. The possibilities are endless here to take the perfect picture. Pro Tip: You can find the “I Woke Up Like This” room on the fourth floor.

   4.) Salvador Dali Museum

The Salvador Dali Museum is located between the harbor and the airport in downtown Saint Petersburg. Inside are Insta worthy exhibits that change out every couple of weeks but, I recommend going out into the garden for the perfect picture. The building itself is also architecturally amazing.

   5.) Restoration Hardware

Okay, I know this one sounds weird but trust me. The entire store is aesthetic heaven. Restoration Hardware is an interior designer warehouse as well as a furniture and decor store. It has 5 floors and each floor is dedicated to a different area of the home. I recommend going to the top floor and taking pictures on the rooftop with all the outdoor and garden furniture. You will get a Kardashian vibe for sure.

Well, there you have it! Now go out and post your masterpieces on Instagram. Until next time.





Leah Germain is a sophomore mass communications major at the University of South Florida St. Peterburg. She has passions of acting, singing, modeling, makeup/ skincare, and fashion. She aspires to one day be a media broadcaster and hopefully be the next Katie Couric but until then she can be found in her spare time at Starbucks, singing in the car, or getting her nails done. Leah Germain lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida.
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