Top 5 Favorite iPhone Apps


I use my iPhone every day, whether it be for school or for fun, and I’m constantly discovering new and exciting apps that are a must have for everyone. Here are my top 5 iPhone apps that I have fallen in love with.


Instagram is a very popular photo enhancing application for iPhone that has literally taken the world by storm. With its launch in October of 2010, over 90 million people use instagram everyday. I have to say that I am a daily instagrammer and I love every aspect of the app. Not only does it allow you to take a photo wherever you are, but it also has many tools to make your picture beautiful. Crop, scale and adding a filter with the touch of your finger and being able to share to many major social networking sites really makes Instagram an easy to use and go - to application.


Facebook is one of those apps for the iPhone that I just had to include in my list of top favorites. I feel that I’m on Facebook all the time, whether it be chatting with friends, watching for events that are happening around campus or just looking for the day's top news stories. Although it is a distraction sometimes, Facebook doesn’t let us down, especially now that you can access it anytime and anywhere. This is definitely a must-have app to have!


With the recent upgrade for Google Maps, I decided to turn to a new navigation app that would be easy to use and would get me to the right place in one piece! Waze is the best new app that I have come across and I definitely glad I did! It gives you directions to anywhere you want to go, warnings signs for slow traffic, restaurants around your area, red-light camera roads and even warnings signs for cops that may be up ahead of you. I mean it’s the most amazing navigation app ever made. It’s very helpful in getting where you need to be and the best part about the app is that it’s free in the ITunes app store!



Snapchat is a fun and easy photo sharing app that allow you to take a snapshot of you and your friends, add personal messages or drawings and sent them to anyone that has the Snapchat app. There are a couple safety features that Snapchat has. One feature being the maximum life of seconds, which only allows the snap to be viewed for a certain amount of time. Most being 10 seconds and the least being 1 second for every snap. The second feature being limiting screenshots, which allows the recipient to take a screenshot of the snap if only their finger is in contact with the screen, making it very difficult in the short time frame you have. If you are able to take a snapshot of the snap, it shows the sender that you indeed did take a snapchat. It could make things funny or awkward. The third safety feature being you are not able to save any snaps, that’s why if you want to, then screenshotting the snap is the best way to go. There has been some recent news circulating around the negative effects of Snapchat, but as for now the app will keep growing in users.

Awesome Note

Awesome Note is considered a organizational secret gem of all the iPhone apps and I couldn’t agree more. Awesome Note is an app that allows the user to create notes and to-do lists. It is the perfect app for anyone! It is totally customizable app, letting the user choose colors, background images, fonts and icons that they want to use for their notes and calendars. This app is easy to use and keeps to updated with everything that you have going on for the day.



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