Three Reasons why Charlie Hunnam is the Perfect Choice for Christian Grey

For a while back, I have heard interesting comments about the trilogy of 50 shades of Grey; a book that will definitely leave you with your mouth wide-open due to its very detailed sexual encounters between fictional protagonists Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. I never bothered to read the book because in all honesty, I am not a big fan of reading… until I found out the hot, British bad-boy Charlie Hunnam was cast as Christian Grey on the film adaptation due to release on August 2014.

Charlie Hunnam has been in the acting field for over ten years now and has not been shy of showing off his body for racy and hot sex scenes. His most recent movie, Pacific Rim, was a big hit in the box office making $37 million on its opening weekend. One of the first acting gigs in which Hunnam had to bear his all for racy sex scenes with another man was in Queer as Folk; at just the very young age of 18. Throughout other films such as The Ledge, Deadfall and hit TV show Sons of Anarchy, Hunnam has continuously left us ladies with our mouths wide open thanks to his steamy sex-scenes on camera.

But even though myself and other ladies and men support the decision of the casting directors for the fill installment, many fans of the trilogy have signed petitions and portrayed their disappointment with the cast, stating the chosen cast does not meet the descriptions or does not seem apt to portray the characters of Grey and Steele. But I am here to prove to you disappointed fans, that Charlie Hunnam IS the perfect fit to portray mysterious attractive billionaire, Christian Grey.

  1. Bad-boy personality vs. Charming Side, just like Grey

In a majority of the films Hunnam has acted, including hit TV show Sons of Anarchy, Hunnam has been the nice “bad-boy” getting in trouble with the law. But that same character has a loving and caring side, like his character Jax on Sons of Anarchy.


Another example of Hunnam’s great acting is in his portrayal of Gavin Nichols on The Ledge, a hotel manager who originally wants to seduce an innocent religious woman to get back at her husband but ultimately ends up falling in love for her. 


  1. Steamy sex scenes that leave you wanting for more; just like the sexual encounters between Grey and Steele

Like stated before, Hunnam is not shy to display his sexy and tight behind in front of the camera engaging in sex scenes with some lucky actresses. He is definitely not shy about it and almost every film and TV show Hunnam has participated in, sex is present, and lots of it; definitely a plus and forte on the resume to play Christian Grey.

  1. Mr. Hunnam is just SEXY and mysterious

If you have read the Fifty Shades trilogy, you can attest that Christian Grey is described as a mysterious attractive guy that leaves all women wandering… Just like Hunnam does to a lot of us fueled-hormonal women!!! Just imagine this… Hunnam with shorter hair, a grey well-fitted suit, clean-shaven and having sex, lots of it!


No matter what our opinions may be, good or bad about the casting decision, there is nothing we can do about it. Charlie Hunnam WILL be Christian Grey. Now we have to anxiously sit back and wait for this, definitely rated R installment to come out. Will the movie be as explicit as the book? We will have to wait and see until August 2014.