Spring Semester Registration Tips

It’s that time again where we make that final push to summer, or for some of you graduation.

Spring semester can be exciting and a sigh of relief, however picking the best and necessary classes is crucial to having the best semester you can.

Here are some tips to make sure you can do just that.

1.     Registration Status

For all USFSP students, we each have a specific date and time that we are able to start registering for spring semester classes. Registration for classes starts on November 5th. Depending on your class status or GPA, determines when you start to register. Make sure you know when your registration date is. To find your registration date go to Oasis >Student>Registration>Registration Date and choose Spring 2014.

2.     Holds

If you have an “administrative hold” on your account, you will not be able to register for classes, receive a transcript or diploma. Having a hold means you have failed to meet obligations to USFSP. This could mean you didn’t pay your fees, or still have a balance on your account. Make sure you know if you have any holds before registering for spring. You can solve this restricting hold by paying a visit to the cashier’s office.

3.     Academic Advisor

I always like to look ahead and plan out my schedule for the following semester, however, if you are unlike me, visiting your academic advisor BEFORE you registration date can be very helpful. Not only will it put your mind as ease, but you can also talk about Plan B if the class you really need is already filled up. Visiting your academic advisor during the week of, or week after at the beginning of registration dates is nearly impossible, so make sure you plan ahead.

4.     Ratemyprofessor

Nobody likes a boring professor, so this site ratemyprofessor.com, which I came across when I attended a other university, is the best thing ever invented. You pick the university you attend and then are able to search through potential professors to see if they have good reviews. Some professors can have good and bad reviews, but is very helpful when helping to decide which professor to take a class with.