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South Florida All Stars: “Stars in Motion” Showcase



This past Thursday was the 3rd Annual South Florida All Stars’ Stars in Motion Dance Showcase.


USFSP’s Her Campus obtained an exclusive sneak peak of the All Stars’ dress rehearsal and was blown away. From sassy jazz dances to emotional ballet numbers, the All Stars definitely put on a diverse group of dances.



Jasmine Graham, a second year SFAS, couldn’t help but smile the whole time we interviewed her; her excitement for the showcase was undeniable.


“I’m looking forward to seeing how all our hard work comes together… and seeing people’s reactions because…a lot of these pieces are emotional, so we want to get that emotional response,” Jasmine said.


While Kate Walker, a freshman Mass Communication major, may be new to the All Stars team, she isn’t new to dancing. Kate has over 10 years of dance experience, so this isn’t her first time showcasing her amazing talent to a group of people. Kate talked to us about the commitment one has to have as an All Star.


“[Being an All Star] is a lot of hard work and dedication…It’s a lot of fun though; I’ve made a lot of friends through the process,” Kate said.


The South Florida All Star team isn’t just a group of dancers – They are a family, too. Take, for example, how this team has made a lasting impression on Sofia Fotiadis. Sofia was on the team her freshman year, and then she decided to transferred to Tampa, but she ended up transferring back to USFSP this year.


“I think a big part of why I transferred back was to be on the team,” said Fotiadis.


Check out a recap video of the South Florida All Stars “in motion:”




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