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Some valentines ideas for him that aren’t costly.


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and every girl knows how hard it is to figure out what to do for her boyfriend for the special holiday. I know I have been through it, and it helps to have ideas from other people. I’ve put together a list of ideas that don’t involve just going out and buying him something. What a man really wants is attention, and he wants to know you put a lot of effort into his gift. This is what makes a man feel loved.


1. Take him on an adventure:  Make a scavenger hunt that takes him all over and eventually leads him to you. Leave him clues and hints on a card that leads him to every destination. Set up a nice romantic spot somewhere where he can meet you at the end. This makes this exciting!

2. Get crafty: Make him a jar of ___ reasons why you love him. Have him read them every day. This is a great way to start his mornings off.

 OR make him a cute coupon book that includes all his favorite things to do. This way you don’t have to spend the money all at once. He can use these coupons throughout the year. I know guys love this idea!


3. Get cooking in the kitchen: All guys really want is a little attention and what guy doesn’t love a girl who cooks for them. Guys would love a romantic dinner that is prepared for them by you, so get cooking in the kitchen.

4. Decorate: If you can get access to his house or room when he isn’t home, decorate it. Put up pictures of the two of you and little love notes all over. This might sound a little girly, but guys love the thought and the time you spend making them feel loved.

5. Give him something he won’t forget:  Be spontaneous! Take him from place to place while blindfolding him. Give him a list that describes the places you’re taking him without letting him know where they are. Bring him to places he would never guess you’d take him. At each place do something fun and wild.

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