My Thoughts on This Season of The Voice So Far

With the Knockout rounds premiering this past Monday night, I thought it would be the perfect time to make my predictions for who I think could win this season of The Voice before the live shows start.

Out of all the teams, I think Miley’s team has the best chance of winning. With performers like Moriah Formica and Janice Freeman, she has some serious powerhouses. However, I think her frontrunner is country artist Ashland Craft. Most of the Voice winners are country artists, so if that stays the trend, I could totally see Ashland winning. With a powerhouse voice and a super cute barbie-doll style, I can see fans going crazy for her.

If Miley’s team doesn’t win, then I think it will be someone from Team Jennifer. Davon Fleming is an absolute vocal beast; his voice is out of this world! His voice sounds like a mix of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Another blackhorse from Jennifer’s team is Noah Mac. Noah is seriously dreamy; he looks like Leonardo DiCaprio and sings like Elvis Presley. The girls are definitely going to go crazy for him.

As much as I’m rooting for one of the girl coaches to win, Blake has won the most so we can’t underestimate his team. Country artist Mitchell Lee is freaking hot (he looks so much like Luke Bryan ladies) and Blake is known for winning with country artists. I could also see folk artist Chloe Kohanski doing well; I don’t think she’ll win but I feel like she has a good chance of being successful after the show ends.

Adam’s team, in my opinion, has the least chance of winning. He does have Jon Mero, who is an absolute powerhouse and radiates star-vibes, but for some reason I don’t see him winning.

Well there you have it, those are my predictions for season 13 of the Voice!


Kelli Carmack