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My Review of Shawn Mendes’ New Music


Hi I’m Shayla and I am Shawn Mendes’ biggest fan.

From his beautiful face, to his beautiful personality and music, how could you not love him? I may know every lyric to every song he has ever produced and may have watched like 5 pages of interviews he has done on Youtube but ya know, it’s fine!

Naturally I have Shawn Mendes on every social media platform so when I saw him change his Instagram profile picture and start posting pictures of pink squares, I knew something amazing was about to come my way. Sure enough a couple of days later, he posted pictures of two dates, following with a picture with what we were lead to believe was a new song title.

The first song Shawn Mendes dropped was called “In My Blood.” Before releasing the song, he shared a note with his fans on Instagram letting us know how excited he was for us to hear it, especially since this is the closest song to his heart that he has ever written. After hearing it, I could totally see why he was so passionate about it. The song is meant to express the struggles he goes through dealing with anxiety while trying to produce the best music he possibly can for his fans. There are moments where he feels weak and that he is incapable of creating music masterpieces, but then turns around to let us know that “it’s not in his blood” to give up. This song in specific is incredibly beautiful and shows a more mature side of Shawn that some may not see. Although he may experience these weaknesses on the daily, he doesn’t let it take over him. Shawn Mendes perseveres and continues to make beautiful hits for the world to relate to and enjoy.

A day later, Shawn Mendes released “Lost in Japan.” It talks about a love that is so deep that the person is willing to fly across the country just to be with their lover. This song is more on the pop side, with a beat that I am sure people would love to dance to. When listening to it for the first time, I noticed a bit of a difference in style from what he normally does but I LOVED IT!

Hearing these two songs has me so excited to hear what the rest of this new album is going to be like. If I am already in love with two songs that he has released, I can only imagine how I am going to feel when I listen to the album all the way through.

To all my friends and family, just know that the minute this new album drops, I will be in my room, blasting the album, being completely engulfed into the sounds and the lyrics of it all. Please do not disturb the process, you can see my thoughts and reviews on social media because I will FO SHO be supporting my manz.



Shayla Fajardo        

Shayla Fajardo is a student at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg who is majoring in Biology. She enjoys eating unhealthy amounts of pizza, hanging out with friends, binge watching Netflix shows, and attending concerts. A goal of hers has always been to be more involved on campus, so she made sure to actively be involved in three clubs at USFSP- Her Campus, Multicultural Activities Council, and Harborside Activities Board. Shayla's ultimate life goal is to one day become a marine biologist who can travel the world and make a difference.
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