Meet Shani Tracey

Sophomore Shani Tracey wears many hats in our USFSP community. She stays busy helping many of our students through her multiple roles here on campus.


Shani is a Mass Communications major with a minor in Leadership Studies. She was originally interested in attending the University of Maryland until the day she toured our campus.


“The day my admissions deposit was due I had a tour here, and walking around the campus made me feel so at home and I immediately changed my mind. I felt like I couldn't leave so much opportunity, it was one of those ‘when you know, you know’ feelings,” says Tracey.


Shani loves all the opportunities that she has been given at this school. She thinks that it is easy to get involved and connect with people here. She loves to attend events on campus where she gets to meet new people.


Shani is a Peer Coach, Orientation Leader, Tour Guide, Spectrum Mentor, and she is the founder and President of the USFSP Gospel Choir.


“Ever since the orientation leaders marched in the ballrooms chanting ‘S-O-U-T-H F-L-O-R-I-D-A’ I felt so excited to be a student here. My passion grew as I became involved and I just wanted to share my love for this university with all of the incoming students,” says Tracey.


She loves being able to be a part of an amazing team. Another aspect she likes about being an orientation leader is creating lasting relationships with her team members, faculty, and students.


When she isn’t so busy with all those groups, she likes to take the time to sing and write. She also is teaching herself how to play the piano when she has the time.


Shani’s dream is to someday  travel to Africa and open up multiple orphanages to provide assistance for young people to achieve their full potential.


“Being able to be an inspiration to others inspires me. I want my legacy to be ‘she was the girl that wanted to see everyone prosper. She saw potential in many and pushed it out of every person’," says Tracey.


Shout out from Shani: “USFSP is THE greatest university of all time. I owe it to this school for allowing me to live my dreams and not limit me to four walls. I thank everyone for giving me a chance, and I love being a mentor to all my students and non-students...”



Alana Long