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After thinking and thinking about what to write about I finally thought about something that made me the happiest: my dog.

Her name is Tampa and she is the cutest, craziest, best dog in the whole world. She is a Goldendoodle with the look of a golden retriever and none of the smarts of a poodle. She is 6 years old and honestly my everything.

Having a bad day, I go see her. Having a great day, I go tell her. Just wanting to lay in bed well guess what, when I roll over she is already there. I thought I would share some memories I have with the best dog ever!



Tampa was a very clumsy puppy and still is today but loves to run. She does not run in a straight line or looks straight ahead which causes her to run into everything, including trees and walls. What really confuses me is that the wall has been there her whole life. She definitely knows it exists but continually hits it like one day it will be gone.

Tampa loves to swim. She is such a Floridian as she swims, lays in the sun, and expects to be tan all the time. She enjoys going after tennis balls, lounging on the chairs and soaking up the sun.

Tampa also loves holidays. She knows that when the holiday season comes around that means more and more food for her. She licks up flour on the floor from cooking and waits for leftover turkey because she knows we always get more than we should. Every year she gets a new bone that is bigger than her and walks around like she owns the house, which she already does. If you ever meet my dad you would know in a matter of seconds that dog comes first, kids come second and that will never change.

Overall Tampa is a very spoiled dog who sleeps on a custom Tempur-Pedic dog bed, does as she pleases, and eats what she wants. Our life revolves around the golden fluff that waltzes across our home and I would not change it for a thing.




Hannah is a junior at USFSP majoring in criminology with a passion for law, life, and writing.
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