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You probably first heard of Macklemore when he was popping tags in his hit Thrift Shop with Ryan Lewis. The minute this song was released I knew that it was going to blow up and be played on every radio station to exist. It was catchy, fun, and an overall great song to jam to with your friends, especially if you were on your way to Goodwill to go thrifting. Following this song came many more great tracks, with an album that was received well by many. Macklemore was on the rise until one day, he wasn’t so present on the charts or on the radio.

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There were times when I wondered where he stood with his music career. A couple years later, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis dropped a new song with Ed Sheeran on SoundCloud called “Growing Up.” Attached was a note that showed a more vulnerable side to Macklemore in which he talked about a drug problem that he had been dealing with. He let fame get the best of him and went down the wrong path with the wrong crowd, until he heard the news that he would be a father.

This sparked a change in him. He wanted to get better so that he could be the best father to his daughter. Macklemore dedicated the song “Growing Up” to her, letting her know that although he doesn’t fully know who he is, what he is sure of is that he wants to be a good dad. It’s like he is reading a letter to her, telling her to fight the stereotypes and be a strong independent woman just like her mother. Macklemore wants his daughter  to have fun and experience life with all  its ups and downs. He knows that there are monumental moments that he might miss due to touring for his music career, but he makes sure to let her know that he will always be there for her.

Macklemore came back in full- force with hits that were even better than the ones he had produced in the past, and this time he was doing it solo. September of 2017 marked the moment that Macklemore claimed his spot back in the music industry. One of my favorite songs off his new  album “Gemini” is Glorious. The music video is so cute! In the video, Macklemore celebrates his grandmother’s 100th birthday by making all the things she has dreamed of doing come true. He buys her new outfits including a pair of Yeezys, throws her a surprise birthday party with all of her friends, and even hires a stripper. This video shows his immense love for his grandmother and I absolutely love it!

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It genuinely makes me so happy to see Macklemore doing so well. I can tell that he is in a better place now and is absolutely loving life and living it to the fullest. Not many people are able to snap out of something as a serious as a drug problem and step up to play a big role such as being a father. I admire his strength and determination, and I hope that his music career only goes up from here. He is a great example of showing people that you can overcome any battle that comes your way.You are capable of living the life that you have always wanted.

“Find something that you love and do it everyday. Do that for the rest of your life, and eventually the world will change.” – Macklemore



Shayla Fajardo

Shayla Fajardo is a student at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg who is majoring in Biology. She enjoys eating unhealthy amounts of pizza, hanging out with friends, binge watching Netflix shows, and attending concerts. A goal of hers has always been to be more involved on campus, so she made sure to actively be involved in three clubs at USFSP- Her Campus, Multicultural Activities Council, and Harborside Activities Board. Shayla's ultimate life goal is to one day become a marine biologist who can travel the world and make a difference.
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