Love Unexpectedly

When Lisa Brittain started “ Abundance 365” she was just looking for a place to express herself, but never in a million years did she think her blog would lead her to love.

“Abundance 365” was a blog that Brittain started after her life in New York City crashed and she had to move to Florida. The blog focused on living the life of your dreams and how you get what you put out into the atmosphere. After creating a few entries for the blog, Lisa decided it was time to create a Facebook page so that she could connect with some of her readers.

One day while studying some of her new likes on Facebook she came across Manny’s (her husband) profile. While she didn’t reach out to him right away, she made connections with other people who lived in India who eventually connected her to Manny.

After being introduced, her and Manny started a friendship. They would talk and skype frequently and to their surprise they had a lot in common despite cultural differences. The even started a short-lived business together where they would charge people to remove viruses from their computers.

Although the business didn’t last long, it did allow them to become closer and after spend a year getting to know each other the pair knew they wanted to be together.

Following the death of her father, Lisa decided that it was time to meet the man she had spent countless days and nights talking to in person. Her motto at the time was you only live once, so  Brittain took a leap of faith.

Lisa and her son Cairo flew 8,851 miles across the country to India where they would finally meet Manny in person. After meeting in person she instantly knew that Manny was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and it gave her more confirmation when she realized the bond Manny and her son had.

Three years later, in the Spring of 2016 Lisa and Cairo flew back to India where she got to marry the man of her dreams.

To learn more about Lisa’s walk down the aisle, you can check out her blog , where she has a series titled “My Big Fat Sikh Wedding”. Her blog also has additional entries that tell you about the trials and tribulations that Lisa and Manny went through on their way to the alter.