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Love, Simon

This article contains Spoilers, read at your own risk!

Straight people have this luxury of going through life without a thought. A life of not having to hide who you are attracted to for fear of judgement or violence. You don’t even think about it. It’s a sort of ease that I have never given much thought to because of my privilege of being “normal.” I don’t have to come out to my parents and have endless doubts of whether or not they will continue to love me. I don’t have to worry about people finding out about this hidden piece of me. Because something doesn’t inherently affect you, you tend to not really focus on it.

Love, Simon was the perfect movie to expose someone to a life they otherwise would not have been aware of. Love, Simon follows 17-year-old Simon Spier who hasn’t officially come out to his closest family and friends. He stumbles upon an anonymous classmate who has been sharing his journey of being gay online. Simon decided to reach out to this classmate with the alias, Jacques, and finds himself falling in love with him. Throughout their email exchanges Simon’s email are accidently found by another classmate who risks outing him if he doesn’t help him out with a few tasks. By the end of the movie Simon embraces his new identify, his true identity, and learns people still love him the same.

Regardless of who you love, what color you are, or what religion you practice everyone deserves to find love and live their most authentic life.

Love, Imani




Hi! My name is Imani and I am a 21 year old Mass Communications major living in sunny Florida. I love traveling, listening to music and you, know, occasionally writing.
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