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The Legend of Sadie

Join me for a thorough investigation of this week’s Campus Celebrity, Sadie Hewitt.

What kinds of things do you like to do for fun?
I like to travel. I’ve been to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Columbia, the Netherlands and Canada. I went on this amazing trek to this lost city, to these ancient ruins in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We slept in hammocks and bunk-beds under these tin roofs for five days. It was kind of hellish but that was the fun part about it –like, we were soaked the entire time, it just rained and rained. Then we hiked up this crazy terrain, sloppin’ around in mud and crossing rivers like 10 times a day. We got to see indigenous communities and that really stood out to me –their perception of society is really different. They’ve never heard of Facebook.

Why are you journalism major?
I always liked to write but it never occurred to me to major in journalism when I was younger. I wanted to be a pro soccer player for awhile; I wanted to do a bunch of different things. I guess figured out in my junior year that I like writing; it’s a fun form of self-expression for me.

What’s your favorite part about journalism?
I think it has the ability to reach a lot of people, and really serve people. I don’t wanna spend my life doing something that’s not going to affect anybody or help anybody out. You know, I don’t want to waste 40 or 50 hours a week working at McDonald’s slinging burgers. I want to do something that’s worthwhile.

What kind of music are you into?
Um, everything except country is usually what I stick to. I can get into anything—I like hardcore metal sometimes, sometimes I like punk. But I can’t really get into that twang stuff like, “mah tractooor.”

– Previous campus celebrity, Brian Walsh, interjects – “So, no banjos for you?”
See I like bluegrass; I like banjos in that. But I do not like country –Kenny Chesney and all those shenanigans.

So, I heard you like Dubstep?
I do like Dubstep!

What is that?
It’s like hearing a computer virus against a bass line.  I like it because it’s interesting and different. It doesn’t have any words most of the time – and if it does, it’s like strange ramblings – so I can get into that too.

What other artists do you like?
Top Five? Is that what we’re doing here? Haha, I can’t do that.  I guess a lot of things strike my fancy. I’m into bands like Phish and the Broken Bells.

– Mr. Walsh interjects – “If you say Dave Matthews, I’m dumping this latte on you.”
Noooo. I’m not saying Dave Matthews. The other day I was listening to a lot of Spanish rap, like Daddy Yankee.

What do you like about USF?
I like that it’s downtown, because I like feeling like I’m in a city. Every other campus is like out in suburbia, you know like UCF and stuff like that. You know, it’s downtown, it’s on the water –it’s really nice. And I do like that it’s small, just because I don’t feel like being in a class of 75 students.

Anything you don’t like about USF?
The dorms are ungodly expensive. I never lived in them, but it doesn’t seem very affordable. It’s like $3500 a semester. It’s ridiculous. How is that affordable for anyone, really? Most campuses have cheaper options. So in that sense, it’s kind of balls.

Do you live close to campus?
Yeah I do; I live like three blocks away. I like it better because I still feel like I’m on campus, but then I can go home and chillax. I don’t have all those restrictions that the dorms do—you can’t even burn a candle in there. You can’t have candles or incense, or anything that burns. So that’s a problem for me.

Any other cool travel stories?
When I went to Columbia in December I was robbed at knifepoint. The weird thing was it wasn’t at night, so it wasn’t sketchy like that. It was a Sunday, like noon, and we were walking down the street and these kids just came up behind me and started yanking on my camera bag. My sister goes up to punch the kid in the face and he points a knife at her, and then sticks it next to me. I mean, this knife looked like it had AIDS crawlin’ on it. We had to go to the police and everything but they didn’t do jack. They got away with it; I have no pictures from the trip. But overall, it was a good experience. Travelling kind of forces you out of your element and makes you do stuff you wouldn’t normally do.
Fast-Facts about Sadie Hewitt
Hometown: Gainesville
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Quotes: She has a tattooed quote, “But now we all are, in all places, strangers and pilgrims, travelers and sojourners.”
Favorite Words: Deranged, Chaps, Gents, Boulderdash

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