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It’s a bit Shameless…

It’s a bit Shameless…
And Showtime knows exactly what to do to make a successful series.
Although Shameless started as a British show, the Americanized version takes place in the run-down streets of Chicago, with the Gallagher family representing the meaning of low class in such graceful ways. The show’s opening credits introduces each Gallagher, by showing what they are doing in the bathroom.
In every episode, the theme song starts with Fiona, the oldest daughter, dragging Frank off the bathroom floor so she can take a piss. Just imagine William H. Macy as a chronic alcoholic, who never shaves or has a sound mind to take care of his six kids who run circles around him (usually while he’s passed out on the floor).
Then there’s Carl, sitting on the back of the toilet, chugging either an energy drink or a tall boy. He’s the kid in school who’s obsessed with things that blow up or melt, whether it’s an exploding 2-liter of soda or action figures inside a toaster.
Ian is next, sitting on the toilet with his pants down and a dirty magazine. If you’re a chick, you’d probably want this guy to be your boyfriend. He’s the sensitive type, level-headed and holds a stable job at the local convenience store. You’d probably try to ask him out on a date, until you discover his dirty secrets.
Then we have Debs (short for Debbie), decorating baby brother Liam with yards of toilet paper. Although Debs has the playful kid side, she is wise beyond her 10-something years. She can challenge adult opinions, read people and fake resumes for Frank, that boast of his nonexistent ability to “bring creative solutions from the idea phase to fruition.”
Liam is still in diapers, so he doesn’t say much. But he doesn’t look like Frank at all.
Lip (short for Phillip) is the next one in. Karen enters the scene before he can even get his zipper down, and they pass a cigarette back and forth while he’s peeing. Lip is the oldest son. He’s the smart bad boy who could be caught tutoring someone in physics or having sex in a bathroom stall — it’s a toss-up.
Kev and Veronica are in the bathroom after that; she’s trying help his bleeding nose while he’s sitting on a mini stepping stool. Kev and Veronica are the next door neighbors and the most adorable, interracial couple in the world. Kev works at the bar where Frank spends all of his time and illegitimate income. Veronica is Fiona’s spunky gal pal who hits the dance clubs with her, or brings the sauce over for spaghetti night.
Fiona holds the family together. She steps in as the ‘mother’ since Frank is useless. She’s the one who makes sure the kids get to school and works crappy jobs just to bring dinner home. Having a life of her own doesn’t really exist, until she meets mysterious rich boy Steve, who is ten kinds of sexy.
And that’s really just the opening credits.
Season one is almost over. Now catch up, so you can anticipate season two of the most Shameless show
Showtime’s ever shown.
Shameless – Season 1 – Episode 11

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