The Importance of Mental Health Awareness as a College Student

Mental health awareness has been heavily avoided in previous years. However, in 2018 the conversation has spiked. The hit Netflix show Thirteen Reasons Why has drastically changed Generation Z’s viewpoint on mental health. Instead of looking at someone who suffers from a mental illness as crazy, we have been increasingly empathetic.

Going off to college is a very stressful and drastic change in most of our lives. This is the first time most people are away from their families and living on their own. The reality of becoming an adult kicks in and we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves. The stress and anxiety from our busy lives continuously accumulates and most of us don’t do anything about it. Many college students show symptoms of having an onset mental disorder and do not acknowledge it. Whether it’s because they are ashamed or because they don’t have time (or the money) to see a professional, these students allow their mental health to decline even further.

As a college student who lives with three mental health disorders, I am very passionate about spreading mental health awareness. It’s okay to not be okay. We used to live in a society where talking about these things were taboo, but not anymore. Mental health disorders are being increasingly diagnosed as people shed the shame of common mental health stigmas and seek the help they need. With that said, our nation’s suicide rates are on the rise. It is important to know that there are resources out there that can help; that there are people going through the same things you may be going through. The conversation of mental health awareness will not be silenced.


If you or anyone you know is displaying suicidal thoughts or actions please contact 1-800-273-8255.