Howdy from Houston

It is hard for me to think that just two short weeks ago I was in a different time zone, exploring city skylines with cowboy boots, yee hawing it up with my new partners. Houston was a once in a lifetime experience that I got and for anyone going to Houston City Center, these are the places to go eat!



Snooze an A.M. Eatery

Snooze is only in 4 states all along the West Coast including Texas, California, Arizona, and Colorado so being able to eat there was such a treat. The place had a futuristic diner vibe with stars as their logo.


I got the Snooze Classic of farm fresh scrambled eggs, 3 pieces of bacon, hash browns, and sourdough toast. You could always chose sunny side up eggs, sausage or pulled pork, and other types of bread like rye and white. They also had breakfast tacos, french toast, and vegan options.



Hopdoddy: Burger Bar


If you are in the mood for burgers, this is the place to go. They have regular burgers, turkey burgers, sushi burgers and more. They have thin crispy fries that are either regular, truffle, or sweet potato. They also have gorgeous milkshakes with fat colorful straws. The milkshakes range for nutella, strawberry shortcake, vanilla birthday cake and more. Hopdoddy is only located in 6 states, one including Florida but not near where we go to school, so again this was an unique experience for all of us.


General Public

This place is your typical Texan restaurant with animal heads on the walls, wood everything, and only 2 locations right in the Lone Star State. General Public was my personal favorite as I got a grilled chicken sandwich with provolone and bacon on sourdough bread with tater tots. I love potatoes in tot form! This restaurant was everything we were expecting when coming to Houston and the food was Texas sized.



Cyclones Anaya’s

If you want true Mexican food then Cyclones is your place to go. From breakfast to dinner, their menu is incredible. Cyclones Anaya’s is again a Texas native with their only locations spread across the state. For those who love chips and salsa, it never stops. Our table started with 3 baskets of chips and salsa and before we could even finish the next round came until we received our food.


I got the chicken fajitas and they gave me so much I could not finish it. I was debating between them and the picture above that was 1 of everything. This place lets you mix and match your plate with everything you want while you have an amazing view of the City Centre park.



Fellini Gelato and Cafe

If you ever need something sweet or just a coffee to kickstart your afternoon blues then check out Fellini. It is a cute little sweet shop on the corner with glass displays of their Italian desserts, gelato flavors, and sandwiches.


We went for a little girls getaway for some gelato on our last night before the conference started. In this two story shop, you can sit up top and overview the simplistic and functional area or sit down below and look out the glass to the water fountain.

Texas has the cutest places to eat with the best food and ever better portions. For those going to the City Centre area anytime soon I 12/10 recommend these restaurants for all your food desires.