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How To: Attract Exactly What You Want Into Your Life (Without Having To Settle)

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USFSP chapter.

This week we’re going to dive into a new way to attract exactly what you want into your life. Life can be a big, messy, stressful thing and there are so many people with different wants and needs that it can sometimes seem impossible for ours to come to fruition. Afterall, the Universe is already taking care of so many other people that it seems unlikely everyone can be getting the help they need. So, what about us? How can we possibly all get what we want? 

Fear not. It is possible to get everything you want in life and I’m here to guide the way. After seeing a creator post a new method on TikTok of aligning your mind and energy with your most valued desires, I was instantly inspired to share that new knowledge with all of you. In this week’s article, I will break down all the must-know information about this technique and give you real-world examples of how you (yes, you) can apply it to your own life. 

If you are familiar at all with manifestation, you have probably heard of the Law of Attraction. The concept I am discussing this week falls under the umbrella of this law. To summarize the Law of Attraction, think: positive thoughts attract good things and negative thoughts attract bad things. While this is often much easier said than done, it is generally good to remind yourself on a constant basis that you are better off being an optimist than a pessimist. Did your parents ever tell you in grade school, “If you think you can, you’re right and if you think you can’t, you’re right”? Ding, ding, ding… Law of Attraction, baby. 

Now, let’s cut to the chase. This week’s concept is called the “Thank You, More Please” Technique. This was created by feminist dating coach Lily Womble and shared on her TikTok page. She describes the technique as a dating method in her video, but with the Law of Attraction in mind, this is applicable to every desire you could have. Womble also markets this as a “challenge,” not a technique, so she is very confident that you are guaranteed to get what you want by doing it. (Big claims, I know. But let me explain!) 

As I mentioned previously, we live in a big sea with lots and lots of fish. I have very specific ideas of exactly what I want in life, and I’m sure a lot of you do too. (If not, that’s okay! Life is long and you’ll get there.) My ideas include which type of fish I want to spend my life with, what job I want to have, where I want to travel with my future fish husband, and where we will live. In an ocean as big as ours with desires as specific as mine, it often feels like what I want doesn’t exist out there. Am I asking too much? Do I want something that exists in my head but not in the real world? No, I don’t. And no, you don’t either. 

 The “Thank You, More Please” Technique tells us to go out into the world and seek proof that what we want does exist. It doesn’t have to be a perfect one-to-one match of what you’re looking for, but we want to identify real-life traces of our desires existing. Or as Womble refers to them in her video, “slivers.” Witnessing proof in real life of what we want existing for other people around us makes our desires real, attainable, and confirms they are much closer than we think.  

So, what does a sliver look like? And how do I find one? A sliver of evidence can take many forms. For the purpose of the argument, I will use my future fish husband as the desire I am seeking. (No, getting fish-married is not my priority at the ripe age of 21, but I need an example for you all and this one aligns closest with the creator’s own explanation of the concept.) If I go out to shop and I see a tall, brunette man with brown eyes (the prototype of who I am typically attracted to), that is a sliver of evidence that what I want exists. No, it doesn’t have to be that specific man, but that man represents the existence of what I want to be mine. Of course, tall brunette fish with brown eyes exist, but now I have spotted one close to me. Since I would like that to keep happening, I say aloud, “Thank you, more please.” This not only acknowledges my gratitude for seeing an example of my desire, but it also politely asks the Universe (or God or whoever!) for more of this to come into my life. 

Slivers can be found in the check-out line at the grocery store, in the car next to you in traffic, when a new customer comes into your job, or during countless other spontaneous experiences. These slivers are not some unattainable things that you have to earn, they simply exist because what you want is out there and it is not out of reach.  

Now that you have a general understanding of this technique, I’ll explain a more realistic example of the slivers I would look for. I know that I want a fish who will love me on a deep level despite the chaos or challenges that exist in our lives. In other words, f*ck everyone and everything else, it’s me and him, and nothing else matters because we’re all about each other. Most importantly, I want a fish who is willing to work through conflict because he cares about me too much to lose me (hi abandonment issues, nice to see you again). To acknowledge examples of this, I might say “Thank you, more please” when I see a guy holding a door for his lady fish in public. Maybe I’ll see a guy carrying bags for his lady fish or helping her lift something she can’t pick up. When I’m in the grocery store and I see a man buying flowers (because I assume they will be for a woman), “Thank you, more please!” Will I look and sound like an idiot talking aloud in the middle of the store? Probably. Do I care? Nope. Because I’m never going to see any of those people again and I want my future fish husband, damn it! 

Of course, it is impossible for me to know the ins and outs of peoples’ relationships just by witnessing a man hold the door for a woman (bare minimum) or seeing him help her lift something heavy (also bare minimum). But these are slivers of the stuff I look for and the fish I want to eventually marry does all these things. (Side note: although these things are quite literally the bare minimum, you would be shocked at how many men fail to do them. Perhaps I’ll cover date horror stories in a future article.) 

Anyway, I was at a birthday dinner this past weekend and saw a real-life example of what I want. It was my cousin’s birthday dinner, and we went to a restaurant to celebrate. My cousin is good friends with this couple who joined us, who, for the sake of the article, I will call Damon and Elena. Elena is a funny, outgoing, sharp lady fish and has been married to Damon for 10 years. Elena also happens to be wheelchair-bound. At every meal, Damon lifts Elena out of her wheelchair and places her in a seat at the table to join everyone else. He also gets her the utensils she needs to eat by herself and tends to whatever other needs she may have. Damon and Elena truly are perfect together and you can see the amount of love he has for her just by looking at them. “Thank You, More Please!” They are the perfect example of the level of love I want my fish husband to have for me. 

Although my future fish husband has been a topic on my mind lately, as I mentioned earlier, this concept doesn’t just have to be applied to dating. If you are hoping for a new job and you visit a place you’d like to work at, “Thank you, more please!” If you want to go to a new school and you meet someone who happens to go there already, “Thank you, more please!” If you have been wanting a new cat and you see a really cute one on TikTok, Facebook, at a pet store, or anywhere else, “Thank you, more please!” Practicing this recognition and gratitude for the existence of your own desires brings you one step closer to reaching them yourself.  

To be candid, I only heard about this technique less than a week ago, so while I haven’t had a chance to put it into action too much, I am already seeing more of what I want. There is a quote by Esther Hicks that says, “When you focus on the good, the good gets better.” Those wise words are exactly what’s happening in my life right now and it’s easy to make it happen in yours, too. After all, the only effort it takes is saying four simple words when you see something you want.  

If you’re feeling skeptical, that’s okay. The best part about this technique is it doesn’t require much work, so you have nothing to lose. I will be going out specifically to find slivers to try to maximize the benefits of this technique, but you don’t have to do that. You can just acknowledge them as they come along if that is a more realistic application for you. Seeking slivers out intentionally requires you to play an active role in aligning yourself more closely with what it is that you want, but the Law of Attraction will be put into action no matter what method you follow. 

Well, that’s a wrap on this new manifestation technique for now. I’m off to begin my “Thank You, More Please” journey, and I hope you all consider trying it too. Whether you have little or big desires, levels of skepticism, or motivation, this method truly does not take much work on your part and has the potential to produce amazing results. 

While I would love to post an update in the future on how this technique is going for me, I’d also like to give it the proper time to realize itself. But don’t worry, I will publish an update eventually on my experience with this technique. In the meantime, my fish-self thanks you all for reading this far and hopes the rest of you fish get everything you have ever wanted. 

Gabrielle Takacs is a writer at the Her Campus at USFSP chapter. Her main interests lie in the Wellness and Lifestyle categories but she is thrilled to add her perspective to a wide variety of topics. She is most excited to explore politics, pop culture, and beauty as future article subjects. Beyond Her Campus, Gabby is a dedicated biological health sciences student minoring in nutrition. She hopes to earn her DNP and work in obstetrics at a hospital. Despite being a STEM major, Gabby has had a lifelong passion for writing and literature. She hopes to become a published author with projects including novels and a series of children's books. In her free time, Gabby loves fitness, painting, and spending time with her 2-year-old godson. She is also a huge movie buff and is always down for concerts or relaxing at the beach.