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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USFSP chapter.

We all experience difficult situations, some more than others. I’ve definitely had my fair share and I am proud to say that I have survived all of them. Throughout my experiences, I have developed some tips that really helped me get through those difficult times. I’m sharing them with you all, in hopes that they can do the same for you.

Remember Your Worth

People or situations will try to dim your light, lower your self-esteem, and just make you feel like trash. It’s vital that, in these moments, you always remember your worth and how special and important you are. A tip to remember your worth is to write down a list of all your accomplishments, or just things you’ve done in your life that make you happy or proud.

Tell Others What’s Going On

I cannot stress this one enough. It’s not healthy to bottle up all those feelings inside, or to go through a hard time by yourself. Support from your loved ones is the best feeling in the world, and odds are, your parents, friends, etc., will give you some great advice. You never know, they might have gone through the same thing!


Okay, so I learned this tip from watching Meredith and Christina’s numerous dance parties on Grey’s Anatomy. Whenever they were stressed or sad, they would just dance to their favorite songs. Honestly, having an impromptu dance party by myself and dancing to my favorite songs is one of my favorite things to do.

Be Thankful for What You Have

Some people can’t see, hear, or walk. Some people don’t have their moms, dads, etc. Let me make this clear: your situation and your feelings are never invalid, but remember it could be a lot worse.

Smile Because It Happened

This is a hard mentality to get into (I still have trouble with this one), but if you learn to appreciate hard moments and remember that they are learning moments that make you a stronger person, you’ll be in a much better space.

Twitter: Need I Say More?

Lately, Twitter has had me weak so many times from laughing my ass off. There are SO many funny and relatable tweets that always make me feel better.

Girls Night Out

Put on your fiercest outfit, slay your makeup, and have a fun night out on the town with your girl squad. Make the night all about your amazing friendship and have a great time!

Nature, Nature, Nature!

There really is something to be said about the wonders fresh air can do for someone. Going for a nice stroll in a quiet park or paddle boarding on the river can really help you get your mind off all your worries, because you’ll be too distracted by the beauty of nature.

Have a Lazy Day

Stay in your PJs all day, eat whatever you want, take a nice bath, and watch your favorite movies or tv shows. In my experience, so many people are way too stressed all the time, so just having a nice, relaxing stay-in day is exactly what Dr. Kelli orders.

Take a Break From Social Media

When we are going through a hard time, sometimes seeing others living their best lives on social media can make us feel a whole lot worse. It’s natural for us to compare ourselves to others, but it can definitely take a negative toll on your mental health. Instead of focusing on these people’s lives, focus on yours and making sure you make it better.


Kelli Carmack


Hi, I'm Kelli Carmack! I am a senior Mass Communications Major at USFSP with a minor in Art History. I'm currently the Co-President of Her Campus at USFSP, a leadership role I hold dear to my heart. I have some pretty big dreams for myself. I plan on getting into the broadcast journalism and/or entertainment field. I hope to one day be the next Barbara Walters, sitting down with prominent people and asking them those hard-hitting questions. While I'm not busy focusing on my career goals, I enjoy going to the beach, painting and reading!
A Mass Communications Major with a passion for inspiring others.