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HERstory Month: 4 Women Musicians Who You Need To Be Listening To

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Taylor Momsen

Band: The Pretty Reckless

Albums: Three


You may know Taylor from her roles as Cindy Lou Who in How The Grinch Stole Christmas or Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl, but those two characters cannot be farther from the real Taylor, herself. Taylor embodies the true spirit of rock and roll through everything from her wardrobe and dramatic eye makeup to her deep lyrics about life. Many artists seem to only write songs about love, but not Taylor. Sure there are love songs (I mean, c’mon everyone has a few), but she mainly writes about her struggles with herself, others close to her, and the world in general. Her voice is haunting and can easily go from angelic to screaming in a matter of seconds. If you are not listening to The Pretty Reckless, you should be.

Key songs I recommend:

-Make Me Wanna Die

-Under The Water

-Heaven Knows

-Take Me Down

-Back To The River


Photo courtesy of dorothytheband.com


Dorothy Martin


Albums: Two


Similar to Taylor, Dorothy Martin is carrying the torch held previously by the fabulous women in rock music. Her overall presence is absolutely electrifying in my opinion, and her soulful voice is something unheard of in rock music today. Depending on whether you want in-your-face rock music (2016’s ROCKISDEAD) or California classic rock-esque vibes (2018’s 28 Days In The Valley), Dorothy’s vocals and lyrics soar expectations. DOROTHY as a band is going to be everywhere soon, so you should definitely listen now so you are not late to the party.

Key songs I recommend:

-Dark Nights

-Raise Hell

-Down To The Bottom


-White Butterfly


Photo courtesy of ew.com


Kacey Musgraves

Solo Artist

Albums: Two (Third is coming out March 30th)


Switching gears from rock to country, Kacey Musgraves is the most underrated singer in the country music world today. There, I said it. Even with little to no airplay on country radio whatsoever, Kacey has still been able to maintain a cult following and get critics’ attention. She’s got GRAMMYS y’all! Her quick-witted lyrics mixed with her overall aesthetic of rhinestones and rainbows makes her this positive, colorful light in an industry where many are afraid to be their true selves. This summer, she hits the road with Harry Styles, who has openly admitted to being a Kacey fan and is definitely on the verge of crossing over to the pop scene with her new album Golden Hour.

Key songs I recommend:

-Follow Your Arrow

-Merry Go Round

-Pageant Material

-Somebody To Love

-Space Cowboy



Photo courtesy of The Guardian


Dua Lipa

Solo Artist

Albums: One

Okay, I am definitely biased when it comes to pop stars. I grew up in a time where Britney, Christina, and many others like them ruled pop radio. In my opinion, it’s hard to be a memorable female pop singer these days. The exception? Dua Lipa. These past few months, she has been EVERYWHERE. “If you’re under him, you ain’t getting over him” is one of the best pop lyrics in a while. Her no-nonsense lyrics make you feel confident while listening and stick with you. I think we are just seeing the beginning of what she has to offer.

Key songs I recommend:

-New Rules


-Blow Your Mind (MWAH)

-Thinking ‘Bout You

-Tears Dry On Their Own (Cover of Amy Winehouse)


Happy Listening!

HC XOXO, Danielle


Danielle Lysik is a senior at USFSP majoring in Marketing with a minor in Mass Communications. Danielle's main passion in life is music and loves going to concerts whenever possible. Aside from music, Danielle loves to read and spend time with her family and friends. 
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