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Here’s a Shauna

Join me this week, while I poke and prod at this week’s Campus Celebrity, Shauna Gelman. 

So, what’s your major and why did you choose it?
My major is english, but my specialization is technical and professional writing. I’ve always been a creative writer but let’s face it—I like eating and being able to pay my student loans, so technical writing it is. I like the mechanics of writing—crossing the t’s and dotting the I’s and what have you. I enjoy that the degree is part marketing, part web-design and a whole lot of research methods.

What are two movies that everyone should see?
I’m not a huge movie buff like some, but two of my favorites are The Royal Tenenbaums and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. The former I love mainly for the scene where Luke Wilson is shaving and slits his wrists to Eliot Smith’s “Needle in the Hay,” but the movie is so subtlety hilarious all around. And Scott Pilgrim? You can’t not love it. Plus, the comic books were awesome-sauce.

What do you do when you have spare time?
I love to read. Books are like dessert for me, I just gobble them up. Right now I’m working through the Millenium series and loving it. Lisbeth Salander is one kick-ass character. I’m also really into theme parks and roller coasters when the fiancé and I can get out of town for a day or two. My favorite coaster right now is the Manta from SeaWorld. Naps are a pretty important part of my life too. I know a lot of people find naps to be unproductive and lazy, but honestly, is it any more useless than watching the boob tube or laying out the beach?

I heard you like Cartoon Network. Any amazing shows we should be aware of?
I am obsessed right now with Symbionic Titan. It’s about this alien princess, her guard and their anthropomorphic robot, Newton, who are posing as high school students on Earth while fighting monsters sent from her home planet. The show is like Samurai Jack meets Power Puff girls. Another great show is Adventuretime. Finn is a human, and Jake is a dog living in this crazy world filled with radical monsters, hot princesses, and evil ice kings. Plus, the voice of Jake is John DiMaggio, who also voices Bender from Futurama, so you know it’s good.

Can you cook?
I’ve been known to roast a chicken or two in my day…
What do you enjoy cooking?
I started out cooking mostly Asian cuisine because I was painfully into anime in high school. I’ve branched out a lot since then, but I still love putting together stir-fry. Some of my favorite things to make are pork roasts, chicken marsala — which my Italian mama concedes is better than hers, a real compliment if you have an Italian mother — and soups. I just got an immersion blender which makes pureeing soup so much fun. I made a cream of zucchini soup the other day that was so velvety it would make your eyes water.

What’s one thing you like about USF?
Both campuses are truly beautiful. The St. Pete campus is set at the perfect spot-right on the water. Tampa campus is huge and just so easy to get lost on the grounds. Some parts really feel like a northern Ivy League school.

One thing you dislike?
The parking. I cannot believe I spend more than $160 a year to spend 20 minutes every day searching for a spot, while driving over broken pavement. It’s ludicrous and something I will definitely not miss when I’m gone.

What kind of music or artists are you into?
I have very far reaching tastes in music, from classics like The Beatles and Pink Floyd, to death metal like Slayer. Right now I am super into Regina Spektor’s newest album, Begin to Hope. The songs “Man of A Thousand Faces” and “The Genius Next Door” are two of the most heartbreaking tracks you will ever hear. I’ve also been really into Mumford and Sons lately.

Where do you want to be five years from now?
I hope I’m married, starting my family, with a house in the suburbs with white picket fences. I’d also like to have my career — technical writer or pastry chef, haha — attend feminist rallies for equality, debate books with my husband Jeff and teach my children the proper titles for their anatomy. There will be none of this “winkie,” “hoo-haw,” or “wee-wee” business in our home.

Fast-Facts about Shauna Gelman
Age: 23
Middle name: Marlene
Hometown: Buffalo, NY, but has lived in Florida for almost 17 years.
Favorite dish made with eggs: Eggs Benedict

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