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Summer is already here for us Floridians and the beach is our second class. Our hair flows freely with the salty wind as we do the slow-motion beach run with our girlfriends. Our hair may look flawless, but is that really the case? Here are some tips for healthy summer hair!

1.       Hide yo wife, hide yo kids, hide yo…hair?If you didn’t know, your hair actually needs to be protected from the UV rays like the rest of your body. Wearing a cute floppy hat or wrapping your head with a cute scarf is easy coverage. It’s also great if you have color-treated hair because it protects your color (who wants faded colors during summer?!).

2.       Heat=badYour hair is already dry from the sun exposure, so blow drying dries your hair out even more. Try air drying it. If your hair doesn’t look fabulous air dried, put it into a loose bun or some fishtails, those are never a disappointment.

3.       Extra conditionerSince your hair is drier than usual, deep conditioning it keeps it moisturized and healthy. If you don’t know what that is, here is a brief explanation: get a bottle or two of a conditioner suited for your hair (fine hair = light or weightless products, curly hair=anti frizz, etc). Shower like you normally would, and when you get to the conditioning part, squeeze the bottle onto your head and smooth it from your roots to your ends. Be extra caring towards your ends because they are the driest. Use a comb to spread the conditioner easier. Once you got every inch, cover your head with a plastic shower cap. Leave it on for a couple of hours and blow dry your hair while it’s in the cap. This will allow your hair to absorb the product easier. When all is done, rinse out your hair and let it air dry. The finished look will be glossy and glamorous!

4.       Apply sunscreen…everywhere

This may be a little odd, but an easy way to add some protection is to lightly run your hands through your hair with sunscreen after you’ve applied it to your body. Just be sure not to rub too much in or it’ll look oily and who wants oily hair at the beach?

5.       Comb it out

Lastly, comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb to prevent pulling your hair. When your hair is wet, pulling it can cause it to break easier. Wide-tooth combs are best for untangling hair and they’re not expensive to purchase!


With all these tips in mind, enjoy the endless summer with gorgeous AND healthy hair!

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Cynthya is a sophomore at USFSP majoring in Mass Communications. She currently holds the position of Editing and Content Chair in her chapter. She aspires to work at Cosmopolitan and write to her heart’s desire. She loves to be adventurous and often agrees to try new things with a, “why not?” attitude. She loves the city life because she was raised in South Korea and sees herself living in New York among all the skyscrapers and cabs one day. She's destined to becoming a dog lady because she has so much love for every pooch. You can contact her by email at [email protected] or follower her on Instagram at @your_cynsation.
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