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Halloween Costumes: Disney Edition

“Halloween isn’t about who you are, it’s about what you wear” – A Cinderella Story.

Most of us girls love to dress up for Halloween. Halloween is an excuse to wear extra makeup, fun costumes, and look a little more risqué.

More costume companies are coming out with Disney themed costumes. What a throwback to see your favorite Disney princesses and animated movies come to life. The costumes have the same original look except for one thing… they’re provocative. Some of you will want to say R.I.P. to your childhood after this, while some of you are thinking my two favorite things: Disney and dressing up.

These costumes bring a whole new meaning to describing Disney characters as magical, whimsical, and a fantasy. All children will know your Halloween costume, because they either idolize them or just finished watching the animated movie. Is it normal that we skimpily dress up as a child’s or even toddler’s hero?

We all know what Mean Girls says about Halloween costumes, but what is considered drawing the line?  

Are these revealing Disney Halloween costumes sexy throwback fun or forever scarring your childhood? You decide.



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