A Full Review of the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick

Everyone loves a good liquid lip, but not everyone wants to drop a fortune on cosmetics, including me. That's why I'm on a hunt to find the best affordable liquid lipstick out there so you don't have to! I recently heard great things about the L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid lipstick, and I decided this would be a good first target. The product claims to be a matte, 16-hour wear, full coverage, non drying, lightweight and liquid lip as well as adding shape and dimension to lips. Sounds amazing right? But can this product hold up to its expectations? I have decided to test this by wearing the liquid lip for an entire day to determine if it is durable, full coverage, and matte. I purchased four shades although the entire collection consists of twelve. In the pictures from left to right they are:


Shake Down (352)

Plum Bum (362)

Milk and Cookies (364)

Rose Blood (370)  

“Let the test begin”.


   In order to test the durability of this product, I decided to wear it all day long and see if it lives up to its claim of “16-hour wear.” I also wrote down any comments I had (good and bad) about the liquid lip.


   9:30 A.M.:

  This morning I applied the color Shake Down (352) and went about my day as usual. This picture was taken right after initial application. So far, I can confirm that it is full coverage, non-drying, and lightweight, but that may change throughout the day. As for the matte, it did take longer than usual for the formula to dry, but it did end up drying a nice even matte. Now I'm off to Starbucks and to get my acrylics filled.


   1:00 P.M.:    So it's been 3 1/2 hours since I first put on the liquid lip, and so far it has faced a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a full breakfast. Amazingly, the color is still there with no smudging or chipping! Although I have noticed that the “non-drying” formula doesn't last for long. It is starting to become very sticky but nothing a bit of gloss can't fix! So far so good.


4:00 P.M.:

   The day is halfway over, and it STILL LOOKS BOMB AF! It survived lunch and didn't chip or smudge, although I did reapply some matte gloss because it did start to be overly dry again. Other than that it is totally still wearable.


8:00 P.M.:    Unfortunately, the chipping has begun. Guess it wasn't the best idea to get noodles for dinner because it really took a toll on my liquid lip. The color is still there, but my inner lips are very visible, and the stickiness has returned. Moral of the story: avoid eating food covered in oil.


11:00 P.M.:

It's the end of the day, and overall the Pro-Matt liquid lipstick has held up pretty well! The chipping worsened on my bottom lip but other than that there was no change. Throughout the entire day, the color has stayed just as full coverage as when I first applied it at 9:30 A.M..




   In my opinion, this liquid lip held up just as well as most name brands and was about $20 cheaper. It also did remarkably well considering I wore it for an entire day and ate oily foods. The color is amazing; it stayed both full coverage and matte the entire day, and the chipping didn't begin until about 7:30 P.M.which was the 10th hour in this experiment. I am very satisfied with the results, and I can't wait to test out the other colors throughout the fall season! Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this review as much as I did making it. Let me know your thoughts on this collection as well! (PS.Milk and cookies is a perfect dupe for Kat Von D’s Sanctuary liquid lipstick.)


Rating: 4.2 / 5



Leah Germain