Five Weird Ways To Relieve Stress During Finals Week

With the end of spring semester and the beginning of  summer break, it seems only fitting to talk about the stress that is slowly seeping into every inch of our young adult lives. Trust me, as minimal as it may (or may not) seem-- it's there. If you’re like me, the sheer thought of looking at your google calendar stresses you out in a way that it seems like planning your college dropout life is your ONLY option. Luckily for us both, I’ve tested and compiled five uncommon ways to minimize the stress that's taking over your life. So... buckle up! You’re in for a somewhat fun ride.

1.) Eat an orange in the shower.

    To be honest, I got this idea off Buzzfeed and was genuinely interested to see if it worked in both an aromatic sense and that of the theorized “Vitamin C kick” that supposedly makes you 10000x more at ease. Overall, the entire process seemed just pointless and slightly uncomfortable in such a tiny dorm shower (am I right?!) that left me swallowing more semi-soapy water than enjoying my freshly peeled orange. Personally, I would recommend utilizing a citrus scented soap or a few drops of essential oils in the shower instead to receive the same aromatic benefits.

2.) Curse…. A lot.

For me, this seemed like kind of a no brainer at first due to the fact that we curse when we’re in any sort of pain whether it’s physical or mental. Of course, I did give it a fair try during one of those seemingly endless back to back study sessions. For this test, I literally said every swear word I knew on a continuous loop for about thirty seconds (sorry, Mom!) which is when they started being phased into a tune. Minus the fact that I felt kind of silly singing, I felt only slightly better. If I had to guess, I think the associated success with this activity probably correlates with how much you/your family and friends curse.

3.) Eat something crunchy while studying.

Honestly... this works. When I read this tip while scrolling through Pinterest, I was very skeptical on the methods behind it. Just like any sort of study snack, eating something crunchy is not only something to do with your hands and fill your stomach--- it gives you a sort of tension release too. You see, when you bite into something that makes an audible sound, the tension in your jaw and neck are released with each crunch.

4.) Massage your earlobes.

Maybe you already do this, maybe you don't--- either way, 10/10 would recommend. Again, I felt ridiculous when I was doing this while hovered over a textbook in the library, but it was definitely worth it. Apparently, there is a number of pressure points in your earlobe and when massaged transmits the signal to your entire body like any other acupuncture point. The result? A slightly clearer mind and a more relaxed body!

5.) Blowing on the back of your thumb.

I received this tip from a friend and thought I’d give it a whirl. This trick is great in the sense that not only are you concentrating your breathing, but the overall sensation is quite soothing. If you’re like me and are someone who lets tension build up very quickly, this activity may be for you!


What are some of your weird stress relief tips for finals week?



Alexis Schlueter