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The Easiest Way to Make Some Extra Cash (Even With a Busy Schedule)

An easy and legitimate way to make extra cash as a college student is to drive for Uber Eats. To start driving all you need to do is to sign up on the app, add proof of insurance and the car registration. Once this is done they approve a profile picture and do a quick background check and then you are ready to go!

Some of the same benefits that Uber Eats has apply to driving for Uber as well but Uber Eats has a few more perks that in my opinion make it more enjoyable as a college student.

Both Uber and Uber Eats allows drivers to…

  • Make money: In my experience with Uber Eats, driving in St. Petersburg averages out to $13 an hour. The money made automatically transfers to a bank account weekly. For sooner usage of earnings, the money can be transferred immediately with a charge of 50 cents to any debit card. For free immediate use of the money, you would need to sign up for the Uber card and with that card you become a member and can get points back with gas purchases and automotive services. Besides the money Uber or Uber Eats pays, customers can tip their driver as well.

  • Make their own hours: Anyone can start and stop working at anytime of the day. This could means before or after classes as well as free time before or after work/internships.

ONLY Uber Eats…

  • Allows drivers more flexibility with what they are driving: Uber Eats allows its drivers to use an older car than Uber allows. They also allow 2 door cars, mopeds, and even bicycles.

  • Allows drivers to drive with a companion: Driving for Uber Eats can be a fun opportunity to hang out with a friend and make money at the same time. When I do Uber Eats my boyfriend drives and I ride passenger. We do the orders together and the money we make we share. It just feels like hanging out together and I even have the chance to get homework done in the car on my computer with the use of a hotspot. It is enjoyable for us both because he loves to drive and we get to talk and listen to music while making money.

Uber Eats is a safe job to do with free time, especially if it is done with a companion. As a driver, you can decline orders that you don’t want to complete. When delivering you can deliver to door or wait in the car, if it is requested that you go to door and you feel unsafe doing that there is an option to message the customer and you could ask them to come to you.

Ashley is currently a Junior at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, where she is majoring in Mass Communications and minoring in Entrepreneurship.
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