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Day two of the St Pete Art and Fashion Week: “Disconnected”

Day two of the Art and Fashion Week was no disappointment, in fact the inspiring message that curator, Gina Marie, conveyed left attendees in awe. The hard truth is that society today is disconnected from one another, and Marie used a variety of old fashioned and modern technology to show the lack of interaction between people.




Some things that make this showcase stand out from others is the use of collaboration between the models, photographers, and the curator herself. Marie loves the idea of working as a team and inspiring each other, not just looking out for yourself, but looking out for everyone around you.

“What you see here isn’t me going ‘this, this, this, this!’ It’s about all of us coming together, where you get this idea and it gets you so excited,’ said Marie.





Gina Marie and good friend Karen Jones

One of the models, Abbey Bauman, said that Marie handed her some equipment, pointed at some metal rods and wooden boards and said “create!” and Bauman created this outstanding structure through inspiration and motivation from the passionate artist, Gina Marie.

                              Abby Bauman modeling on her artwork

“What do you want to do, what do you want to create? So they started creating, I had all of this old technology and they started making things…and these girls were pulling these things out and creating [the artwork], taking the step beyond, beyond, beyond!”  Gina Marie

The showcase was an amazing eye-opener for us, it made us realize that we should look up from our technology and look at each other instead. Marie wanted everyone to see that through the artwork created by a collaboration of people. At the end of the day, we should appreciate each other’s company instead of each other’s virtual personas. We should cherish our memories instead of posting about them. We should ask for directions instead of looking them up on a GPS. We should just LOOK UP!



If you want more inspiration, check out this awesome video that conveys the same message Gina Marie spoke so passionately about.



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