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Who knows where the time goes? As 2016 nears its end, people all over the country sit in their living rooms in a state of bewilderment with contemplations concerning everything from when Lorde is going to drop her next album to where the state of our country will be in four years from now. It’s safe to say that this year has been one of many surprises, and certainly, some of those shocking moments are easier to process than others. It’s time that we reflect on the year as it comes to a close.

And digest just what the hell happened.

1. When the Zika Outbreak Happened

Photo Courtesy of CBC News

When the World Health Organization called an emergency meeting and declared the mosquito-borne virus an international crisis back in January, America put on a mask and stayed inside for a couple of weeks. Knowing that the symptoms included rashes, joint pains and red eyes didn’t help much in containing the panic everyone felt – You would have thought that our entire existence turned into a scene from the movie Outbreak for a month or so.

We all freaked out, stopped shaking people’s hands, and mistook things like the common cold for some deadly contagious disease. And then we went back to normal after about four weeks.

2. When the Kanye West/Taylor Swift Beef Escalated

Photo Courtesy of E!

The longtime beef between music artists Kanye West and Taylor Swift reached a height when Kim Kardashian posted a series of videos on Snapchat revealing that Taylor did in fact grant permission to Kanye to use the line “I made that bitch famous” in reference to her in one of his songs. Not only did Kim post the videos for all of her followers to see, but she posted them on National Snake Day and tweeted about how “they have holidays for everybody.”


The beef got real: Kanye released his music video for the song not long after Kim uploaded the Snapchat videos, and everyone was appalled to discover that a waxlike figure of a naked Taylor Swift lay alongside Kanye himself in the video. Though it was accepted that Taylor lied about approving the song Famous’ lyrics, the majority of the public thought Kanye was crossing the line with this move.

3. When Britain Made an Exit from the European Union

You know that thing that people are really into now where they say they want to do something, actually do it, and realize they really didn’t want to do it? Yeah, that’s Brexit. In a referendum during the month of June, the people of Great Britain voted 52 percent to 48 percent in favor of leaving the European Union.

4. When Clowns Started Freaking Us Out

Photo Courtesy of YouTube

You certainly weren’t the brightest bulb in the box this Halloween if you chose to step out in a clown costume because in several states, there have been multiple sightings of mysterious and threatening clowns in the woods – and in America, a homie don’t play like that. The clown craze died down as more and more people participated in “clown hunts.”

5. When a Gorilla Named Harambe Died & the Internet Exploded

Photo Courtesy of South China Morning Post

Everyone remembers Harambe (especially all the people who wrote his name on the ballot for this year’s Presidential election). So much more than a gorilla. He was a legend. A hero. He was Harambe.

… And somehow, former President Bush was blamed for the gorilla’s death.

Photo Courtesy of The Guardian

Harambe was a gorilla shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo in order to protect a 3-year-old who somehow ended up a bit too close to the animal. Animal rights activists were in a fury – everyone was in a fury – and much debate took place over the ethics of the situation.

6. When Pokemon Go Happened

Photo Courtesy of Hip Hop DX

The most popular game of the year. No contest. Also probably the only virtual game that got couch potatoes to leave their houses.

7. When Beyonce Dropped Lemonade

True story – Beyonce (aka America’s Queen B) allegedly was cheated on by her husband, rapper Jay-Z. Bey made Lemonade, a visual album lyrically-inclined towards addressing Jay-Z’s infidelity.

… And the beehive reacted strongly.

… By coming for the wrong mistress.

Photo Courtesy of Starcasm

Beyonce fans interpreted the song lyric “Better call Becky with the good hair” to be referring to a Rachel Roy, an American fashion designer, but then fans misunderstood and thought Jay-Z’s alleged mistress was celebrity cook Rachel Ray.

Fans even commented viciously on Rachel Ray’s dog photo.

Photo Courtesy of The Wrap

8. When Ken Bone Was in the Bone Zone

During the 2nd presidential debate, one man won the hearts of Americans across the country – Ken Bone.

Photo Courtesy of CNN


He is the dude who asked a question about the environment during the debate – but we don’t really care about that. We like his sweater and his personality.


Photo Courtesy of BBC

9. When the Cubs Won the World Series

Photo Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Cubs brought home the gold with their first World Series win since 1908, and the entire city of Chicago burst with pride.

Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News

10. When Donald Trump Was Elected President

Photo Courtesy of Rolling Stone

It was a long year of wildcards and campaign chaos, but the tight race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump closed with the election of the latter. To the surprise of many, the morning after the election results proved that it all actually happened and wasn’t a dream.

The year closes soon, and as families come together for holiday dinners and hugs from aunts and uncles, it is incredibly important to emphasize the fact that every year brings change.

We move on. We grow, we develop; things get a little bit crazy sometimes.

Let us approach 2017 knowing that something crazy is always bound to happen.

Let us approach 2017 with two steady feet, a level head and the wisdom that comes with experiencing a year as crazy as 2016.

Because every year brings change.

And I trust that each one of you can be the change.

HC with care,

Megan Hammer









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