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A Couple Quick Tips For Functioning When Life Is Tough

Life definitely has its ups and downs. Oftentimes when we find ourselves in a low point it is difficult to get things done, and move past whatever is getting in our way. More often than not, this leaves us feeling stuck, and finding your way out of a funk is a skill they don’t teach in school. So I compiled a list of little things that help me personally get back on my feet when life throws me a curve ball!


  1. Identify what you are feeling, what is causing you to feel that way, and find a way to move forward. Depending on the situation, this can mean something as simple as unfollowing an ex on Instagram. In other cases this can be a change to one’s lifestyle, such as beginning therapy to help cope with a traumatic event.


  1. Look at your thoughts and feelings objectively. This means taking a step back and assessing how you are feeling and why you are feeling that way in a way that is removed from the situation. Treat yourself as a friend.


  1. Keep yourself busy. Go out, get more involved in clubs, start a new project, hit the gym, etc. Surround yourself with people who are supportive, and do as much as you can to keep on moving forward. People who are going through a hard time sometimes shut themselves off to the world, but spending too much time alone doing nothing only makes things worse. It gives the person more time to wallow and fixate on the negatives. This is why remaining active and busy in life is essential!


Good luck!

Francesca / Frankie A cool gal from a hot place! Currently majoring in Education at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg   
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