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College Student’s Pet Peeves


  1. When someone steals your seat. This is a big no-no in college classes. It’s almost an unspoken rule that wherever you sit the first day of class is your seat the rest of the semester. It is quite a rude awakening when someone snags the seat you feel your name is practically written on.
  2. Professors with “rules” about absences & electronics. This one is viewed many different ways. As for my personal opinion I find it rather irritating for professors to have these sort of things listed in their syllabus being that I am the one paying for the classes. Better yet, I am an adult with a life and other responsibilities, so if I need to check my phone or can’t make it into class I strongly feel that is my business. 
  3. Lack of parking. Can I get an amen? I know I am not alone when I say finding a spot in the middle of the day is nearly impossible. What really grinds my gears though, is the fact that I pay almost $100 a semester for a space on campus, so it seems to me that I should have a spot guaranteed with my name spray painted across it in gold waiting for me when I pull in.
  4. Classmates that talk when the professor is talking. You ever have that one person in class that wants to carry on a full conversation about their great aunt’s best friend’s dog while your professor goes over essential information you’re paying for? Me too. 
Taylor Tew


Psalm 46:5