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Cold Weather Fashion

It’s finally cooling down in Florida! That means it’s time to put away our summer collection and bust out our cold weather clothes! Sure, it doesn’t get too cold down here, but the weather change is enough motivation to change up our wardrobes in spirit of the holiday season. Here are a few of my must-have pieces for fall:
Skinny Jeans (a must with the perfect pair of boots!)
Skinny jeans are in this winter. They’re sleek, feminine, and can balance out a big comfy sweater or winter jacket. Best of all, they go great with boots!
Cozy Boots
Everyone needs a pair of super comfy boots to spend the winter in. In endless colors and styles (and a wide price range), there’s a perfect pair to match everyone’s style.

I’m loving the knit berets this season (see photo). It will keep you looking cute and fashionable even through the worst bad hair days. Not only that, they can also be worn fashionably during any season.
Scarves are a great accessory to any outfit this season, and with a little research, can be worn in many different ways. Scarves are a very inexpensive accent and come in many shapes, sizes, and patterns.
Depending on the weather, you can choose a light polyester blend or a heavier wool sweater. There are so many different styles in stores now, and it’s a great time to rock that obnoxious sweater your grandma gives you every Christmas!
Though usually unnecessary here in Florida, I get excited when the weather is cold enough to wear my only warm jacket, a black coat with pink fake fur trim inside the hood. I encourage you to find a coat that makes you feel as cute and cozy as I do in mine!

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