Campus Cutie: Homecoming King Jared Bolton

Jared Bolton is always promoting school spirit and making USFSP the greatest he can and the place to be. He is involved in so many ways on our campus and becoming USFSP’s first ever Homecoming King is just another thing to add to his ever-growing repertoire.

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Why did you decide to run for this year’s homecoming court?

I ran for homecoming king because this year is a very pivotal year in our school's history. Being that it's our 50th Anniversary, I wanted to be a part of it and leave my mark my school that I love!

Did you see a lot of support (online or otherwise) leading up to the dance?

I did, and it was a great feeling to have the support of friends that made posts on their own Facebook's, or shared some of the posts that I made. As well as those told their friends to vote.

Were you nervous waiting for the decision at the homecoming ball?

It’s crazy being up on that stage and knowing that it could either be a really great moment or a potentially awkward moment.

Photo Credit: Nick Perkins - USFSPConnect

How does it feel becoming the first Homecoming King USFSP has crowned?

It feels amazing to have the honor of being the first ever king crowned at USFSP, I feel that it's a great step on the way to realizing our full potential as a university that is just as good (if not better) than other universities out there.

How was it participating in the events at the Tampa campus?

It was amazing to go to all of the events at the Tampa campus. We got to meet the Court from Tampa and the King and Queen from Sarasota Manatee and all of us are now great friends we have followed each other on social media. It also kind of made us feel like celebrities because random people always asked us to take pictures at every event.

What feelings did you get when you stood on the field in front of all of USF at the homecoming football game?

I felt full of pride in my school and pride for myself for having gotten this achievement. It was a "look ma I made it" kind of moment.

Most importantly, what is your favorite early 2000's jam?

That is a really hard one, it depends on my mood. Since I can't choose just one, I'm going to say when I'm just chilling I like some Amy Winehouse Back to Black. But when I'm trying to get buck, nothing is better than 'Hey Ya!' by Outkast!

Photo Credit: Nick Perkins - USFSPConnect

Is there anything else you would like to include?

Fun Fact: I don't like chocolate, vanilla or anything baked, which weirds a lot of people out.

One thing that I wanted to share, was that even though there was only one king and queen, everyone on the court really came out on top. We all took the chance and put ourselves out there, and I think that we all have grown from it. I'm happy to have been there with Jonah, Cynthia, Choya, Andrea, Rain and Nathalie, we're all homecoming royalty. 


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