Bulls for BOWIE

USFSP has finally done it: We have an art club at last!

“The Collection,” an art organization geared towards creating a flexible environment for its members, was founded by Antonio Permuy. He hopes to steer the club in the direction of the members’ interests and to expand their horizons by exploring St. Pete’s artistic community together. The Collection will be hosting group activities such as visits to the Dali Museum in order to educate the campus community about the creative accomplishments made locally. The club will also harness the expressive creativity of the student body by providing an imaginative outlet for creating artwork.

It will be open to anyone with an interest in the arts. Most meetings will be casually organized and flexible with discussions over specific artists and art movements.

The Collection’s first official event is this Monday, April 11th, from 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. in SLC 2100.

“Bulls for BOWIE” will be a tribute discussion to the late David Bowie, a legendary music artist who passed away in January. Participants in this event can expect to see music videos that defined Bowie’s career and to discuss the various ways in which his career impacted society and culture, as well as all that went into his work artistically, including his inspirations. The discussion will be in depth and highly informative, so visitors should be prepared to listen and learn as well as comment with their thoughts.

Photo provided by Megan Hammer

There will also be an opportunity to sign up and join The Collection when it begins its regular meetings in the fall.

Collect your thoughts and come check out The Collection!

HC with care,

Megan Hammer